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Open Studio: HX Village

Open Studio: HX Village

18a Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 12

Thursday 29 August | 5-8pm

On Thursday 29 August, MART’s newest studio location – the fabulous HX Village – will open its door to the public to showcase the work of our members.

Join us to for a behind the scenes look at an art space in action – with a look at our members working in visual art, live art, photography, film and more.

We will also have a series of live performances curated by Livestock taking place throughout the event. Full details on performers and artists involved coming soon.

This event is free and all are welcome.

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Just Words: Gaelic Woodland Project Fundraiser

Poetry, Storytelling and Spoken Word Fundraising event

Friday, 13 September 2019 | 7-9pm

The MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

Book your Tickets Here

Poets: Philip Lynch, Niamh Hannaford, Bernard O’Rourke, Rachel Quinlan, Lisamarie Johnson,  David Grant, Adriana Ribeiro and Jasmina Susic

An evening that brings a chance to connect with people and to raise funds to help Gaelic Woodland Project in their mission of replanting native Irish woodland. We will have poetry, stories, short films, stalls provided by Gaelic Woodland Project, speeches, free wine, tarot card readings, music and a raffle with great prizes!

You will have an opportunity to hear some of most loved Irish myths and honour ancient bardic traditions of Ireland.

The theme for the night is Irish mythology, music and culture.

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/just-words-gaelic-woodland-project-fundraiser-tickets-68115091071

DONATE: https://www.gofundme.com/gaelic-woodland-project?fbclid=IwAR0kCWzkQMsFAyKsnAcILfb0HUGL-zgMUpykrZthLDqNOMNpbK4_Zhos0pc

More about Gaelic Woodland Project: https://gaelicwoodlandproject.wordpress.com/

More about JUST WORDS – poetry and spoken word – : https://www.facebook.com/JustWordsPoetryAndSpokenWord/

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  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (132)
  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (115)
  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (60)
  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (32)
  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (12)
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Livestock - FOMO

Livestock: FOMO

Guest Curated by Katherine Nolan

Taking place as part of our HX Village Open Studios

Thursday, 29 August 2019 5-7pm

18a Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 12

Performances by: Órla Wittke | Karmel Daly | River Champion | Nathalie Slachmuylders | Karolina Adamczak

Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.  “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”.

RSVP here.

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Galvanise | James L Hayes

Solo Exhibition by James L Hayes

Curated by Siobhán Mooney

Runs 18 July – 5 September 2019

Gallery Open Tuesday – Saturday 1-6 pm

Opening Reception: Thursday 18th July at 6pm

Artist Talk: Wednesday 24 July at 6.30pm

The MART Gallery, Rathmines, Dublin 6

Galvanise is a new body of work by artist James L Hayes, the work presented in both Galleries at MART aims to re-establish and re-introduce the concerns of modernist sculptural language.

Hayes explores aspects of the casting process as a means to interrogate the boundaries between artist and artisan, the ‘ready-made’ and the ‘art object’, whilst also referencing industrial art production and commodification. His sculptures, installations and film works aim to draw out the often incongruous relationships between finished art objects and the industrial aspects of the processes that produce these ‘revered’ objects. 

Explorative sculptural works aim to consider new modes of making and bring up questions regarding materiality within the sculpture making tradition and convention. The use of the galvanization process is a pivotal concern in some of these new works. Ideas relating to key classical myths and narratives within the art historical canon spring up in various guises throughout Galvanise. References to important creative influences, such as Welsh artist Barry Flanagan and US based art historian and critic Rosalind Krauss are central to the exhibition.

On Wednesday 24 July at 6.30pm in MART, Lower Rathmines Road, James will be in conversation with the poet, artist and writer Sean Borodale. They will discuss Galvanise, James’s most recent body of work as well as their experience working together in the late 1990s. Hayes will also outline the ongoing concerns and aims of his research and multi-faceted art practice.

Artist Bio

James L Hayes is a Contemporary Visual Artist based in Cork, he is a graduate of The Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD), The University of Vigo, Spain, De Montfort University Leicester and University College London, UK.  In 2019 he completed projects with Franconia Sculpture Park & the University of Minnesota in Minnesota, USA and the La Salle College of Creative Arts in Singapore. Hayes is the Principal Lecturer in Sculpture at the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork and the founder and project director of the International Sculpture symposium, The IRON-R Project (2012/2014 & 2018).

In 2015 he was part of IMMA residency program and recent solo shows were held at the UNO Gallery in New Orleans, USA (2017) The Good Children Gallery in New Orleans, USA (2013). Other recent sculptural works have featured at the Art Market Budapest, MART (2017/18), Redline Contemporary, Denver, Colorado, The West Cork Arts Centre, Art Invite & Reject, MART-New York, Chicago & LA, Drogheda Arts Centre, The MART Instructional European Tour, London, Berlin, Norway, Bratislava, & Dublin, The Worcester Contemporary Open-2010, EV+A 2008 ‘too early for vacation..’ Limerick (curated by Hou Hanru), The USUK International Sculpture Symposia, New York, Global Warming at the ICEBOX’-Philadelphia (curated by Adelina Vlas Curator of Modern & Contemporary Collections-The Philadelphia Museum of Art), The Blankspace Gallery, San Francisco, The Burris Hill Galley, New Mexico.

Hayes has completed a number of significant commissioned public artworks most recently for The Office of Public Works (OPW), The Arts Council of Northern Ireland,], Galway County Council,, Cork County Council,  Cork City Council , Mayo County Council & Limerick City.


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A Negative Infinity | Richard Forrest

Solo Exhibition by Richard Forrest

Runs 26th September to 21st November 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday 26th September at 6pm – The MART Gallery Rathmines


About the Artist:

Working across sculpture, new media, and installation, my practice is characterised by a spirit of experimentation into phenomenology, analysing human perception and technology’s role in altering our perceptual and cognitive experiences. The physical mechanisms of experience are of keen interest to me, for example, with the eye and optics, I am interested in how light is converted into electrical signals. Further, my work is influenced by the flaws that occur in such systems; perceptual flaws that affect human experience, causing misdirections by the brain(e.g. hallucinations). I seek an expanded understanding of objects in an age of virtual acceleration. In exploring our learned and visual understanding of form, material and space, I counterpoint tangible materials with virtual 3D graphic software such as Blender, to construct installations that question simulacrum and authenticity. My research is heavily influenced by contemporary notions of representation. These influences range from John Carmack, a Texas based games programmer, aerospace and virtual reality engineer, to podcast channels such as Radiolab. My most recent work was shown at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, in March ’17, as part of the exhibition Futures. The roots of this work lie with the ancient Greek  philosophers and mathematicians who sought out truth, and looked for it within the rules and logic of language. The work takes logic as its point of departure – its journey as a shape-shifting entity from ancient Greece into the computer languages we use today. This  link – between the logic found in Greek dialectics and its contemporary form observed in computing systems – is explored through the creation of an immersive video piece depicting a virtual environment, and manipulated plaster-cast sculptures placed on geometric plinths positioned within the gallery space.  Since completing my BA honors degree in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, Ireland in 2011, I maintained a committed studio-based practice, supported by a number of awards. I have presented solo exhibitions and participated in several group shows.



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2019 Dublin Exhibition Programme

2019 will be a busy year of exhibitions at The MART Gallery Dublin with exhibitions featuring Richard Forrest, James L Hayes, Jane Fogarty, plus awardees Emma McKeagney (Fire Station Artists’ Studios Sculpture Award) and Eanna Heavey & Sarah Diviney (MART CIT Crawford Graduate Award) and an exhibition featuring work from MART Studio members.

In addition to our exhibitions we will also host a fresh series of SMART Talks throughout the year, with presentations from artists, creatives, and funding & support bodies.

This exhibition programme is made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council.