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Steven Maybury | A Rhythm Exposed (Routines: 5-6)

MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan are delighted to present the exhibition A Rhythm Exposed (Routines: 5-6) by Steven Maybury, kindly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.

Preview: Thursday 11 May 2017 @ 6pm

Location: The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Rd, Lwr, Dublin 6.

Runs to: 8 June 2017

Open: Tues-Sat: 1-6pm 


A Rhythm Exposed (Routines: 5–6) represents the artist’s travel and conversations, combined with a curiosity into Buddhist doctrine concerning the three marks of existence.

Focusing on the characteristics of Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta – Paliwords for impermanence, anxiety or suffering and non-self – they are used here as a reference to questions of ­­interest, concern and ritual. The three characteristics are common to all forms of existence.

The artist’s Routines series examines obsessions in archiving, ownership and preservation and invites contemplation of the meticulous use of ink, light, and time.  

Routines involve a continuous process of assembling and making, informed by reactions to the artist’s personal encounters. The series was started in May 2016 and is ongoing.


Steven Maybury A Rhythm Exposed

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/Glitch 2017

Sedimentary Structures – Traces of the Live Event
2 May – 10 June

Curated by Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan of MART.
Assistant Curator: Deirdre Morrissey

Feat. David Beattie, Livestock, Cliona Harmey, Robin Prince, David Lunney, Richard Forrest, Cathy Coughlan and Cécile Babiole.


This year /Glitch Festival will celebrate its sixth year. During that time /Glitch Festival has grown into Ireland’s foremost digital arts festival. We work to bring the best of digital arts practices to the fore. /Glitch Festival brings leading media and technology artists, curators and artist groups together with audiences to draw out connections between art, culture and technology with the aim of fostering greater critical understanding and debate around artists interaction, investigation and intersection with technologies.

For /Glitch Festival at Rua Red 2017, the curators have invited visual artists working with technology, digital media, video and the web with a specific focus on creating new and innovative work for a series of live events and experiments which culminates in an exhibition. The trace of an experience leaves a sediment or a resonating footprint in the space it occupied. The curators request the artists to create experimental technological driven artworks for the public engagement and participation. These works can be interactive, reactionary, impulsive, divisive, explosive, political in creation, with at its core leaving a significant and possibly mystifying residue of what took place. The exhibition layout and structure will be transient and temporary in nature, with artworks evolving throughout the duration of the festival.

Glitch will be segmented into the first two weeks being live, experimental and active, during which the participating artists will be present in the space and the public are invited to engage, question and interact with artists and artworks. The final two weeks will form an exhibition of the remnants, documentation and showcase of the previous experimentation and events.

More information.

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Transmission - Helen Mac Mahon and Sofie Loscher

MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan are delighted to present Transmission, an exhibition featuring Sofie Loscher and Helen Mac Mahon, with thanks to Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.

Preview: Thursday 6 April 2017 @ 6pm

Location: The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Rd, Lwr, Dublin 6.

Runs to: 4 May 2017

Open: Tues-Sat: 1-6pm 

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‘Transmission’ explores light as catalyst to investigate the risks in our everyday life. Examining and reinventing light as a material to provoke our understanding of the space within the constructs of the gallery and beyond, producing experimental methodologies to act as a mirror and analysis of the structure of our world.

By creating these dialogues which challenge conventional views, the exhibition aims to push preconceived expectations of how visibility works and is understood. The exhibition surveys the processes of how light moves through space, exploring both its and our expectations of its functions.

How light moves through space can often bring forward new possibilities in presentation and representation, igniting exploration through visibility and quite often producing overlooked qualities. The works explore visibility, the process of perception, expectations versus function and assesses how our beliefs or understanding of light can be changed or manipulated through positioning, alignment and juxtaposition.

Sofie Loscher:

“My work explores light in its most basic form. I create installations as a way of describing how visibility works; in an attempt to redirect the viewer’s attention away from the object and towards the process of perception. My practice is realised in an unconventional range of sculptural media, predominantly with a strong scientific underpinning. It makes connections between the physical world and the visual world, exploring issues of visibility, stability, perception and contradiction.

I experiment with various optical devices and materials as a way to better understand light— I am currently making polarised geometric sculptures and cyanotype prints to examine how light moves through space and objects and to picture how we move in relation to it. The works expose how we see refracted and redirected light, and how a change in direction might affect our perception.”

Helen Mac Mahon:

“The work created for Transmission explores materials, our expectations around their function and how these beliefs might be confounded. Everyday materials are used, in particular those that seem fixed and certain, such as concrete and glass. These materials make manifest the external structure of our world and serve to reflect this world back to us. But, through simple manipulations, be it the introduction of an additional element or the presentation of an object en masse, new potentials for the materials are created.

Bringing to light previously overlooked qualities and revealing new possibilities, the potential to see beyond limitations and restrictions associated with certain materials is focused on while also emphasising active discernment rather than blind trust in their more traditional functions.”

  • t6-groove-chronicles-detail-pen-on-paper-and-found-wood-2014
  • 2jlhayes-mixtape-unogallery-nola-2016
  • taoibheanngreenan-theperfectwagnerrite-kwinstituteofcontemporaryart-berlin-2016
  • 5sofieloscher-blackout-greenonredgallery-2015
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MART's 2017 Programme

MART presents ‘Destroy These Walls’.

A year long series of exhibitions curated by Ciara Scanlan, Matthew Nevin and Deirdre Morrissey,

in The MART Gallery Dublin, RUA RED Dublin and 101 Exhibit Los Angeles

with support from Arts Council Ireland and Culture Ireland.

Dates Exhibition Title Artists Description
12th Jan – 24th Feb SCHOOL DAYS Tomoko Sawada Solo Exhibition of leading Japanese Artist, featuring the video work ‘MASKS’ and photography series School Days & OMIAI♡.
2nd – 31st March The Mistress of the Mantle Katherine Nolan Solo Exhibition of Video & Performance Artist.
6th April – 4th May Transmission

Sofie Loscher

Helen MacMahon

Exhibition with a focus on light and perception.
11th May – 8th June Steven Maybury Steven Maybury Exhibition on the mechanics behind sculpture and conceptual drawing.
15th June – 13th July

 Aoibheann Greenan &

Terence Erraught

Aoibeann Greenan

Terence Erraught

Exhibition showcasing live performance art and installation
20th July – 18th August Trouv​ées Métrage Announced Soon Exhibition of French Digital Artists supported by The Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Ireland
24th Aug – 22nd Sept Announced Soon Announced Soon Exhibition of German Artists supported by Goethe-Institut Irland
28th Sept – 27th October The Fire Station Artist’s Studios Residency Award Exhibition Announced mid 2017 Exhibition in connection with The Fire Station Artist’s Studios Residency Award 2016.
2nd Nov – 1st Dec Performance Graduate Award Announced mid 2017 Exhibition of Two Recent Graducates of Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork.
4-8th December Symposium Programme Artists & UCD Partners Collaboration between UCD Professors and Artists showcasing in MART’s 2017 programme
RUA RED  /Glitch Festival 2017

David Beattie


Cliona Harmey

Robin Prince

David Lunney

Richard Forrest

Cathy Coughlan

Cécile Babiole

/Glitch Festival is Ireland’s leading Digital Arts Festival that brings together artists utilising media and technology.

 June 2017



Gantner Multimedia Space

Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes

Echo Chamber

Jeanne Briand 

Adam Gibney

Fabien Leaustic

Helen MacMahon

Rasa Smite

Paula Vītola

Curated by Matthew Nevin, ‘Echo Chamber’ aims to create an accessible dialogue between the digital arts and its interpretation of politics, culture and society, as part of Creative Europe’s EUCIDA project led by RUA RED in partnership Gantner Multimedia Space France and Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes Latvia. Three simultaneous exhibitions will feature six contemporary visual artists two from each of the host countries.

Arena 1 Gallery

Los Angeles

8th July – 5th August

Activating Pangea: Destroy These Walls

Aoibheann Greenan

James L Hayes

Katherine Nolan

Margaret O’Brien

Steven Maybury

Terence Erraught

MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan have curated a selection of artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation.
ac_fund_visualarts Print DCC_RGB (2)

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council & Culture Ireland.

‘Destroy these Walls’ 2017:

“One reason for making and exhibiting a work is to induce a reaction or change in the viewer…. In this sense, the work as such is nonexistent except when it functions as a medium of change between the artist and viewer.” Adrian Piper

“Experimental art today is increasingly concerned with the complex relationships involved in seeing, defining, framing and responding to pressing events.” – Jill Bennett, Institute Director of UNSW National Institute for Experimental Arts

Curatorial Vision:

For 2017 MART embarks on an ambitious new program curating selected artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation. By encouraging participating artists to explore and reinvent material, technologies and methodologies, the curators shall work alongside the artists to produce work that can provoke the limitations of the gallery environment, producing powerful, informative and experimental new work.

We will encourage our artists to be reactionary and politically engaged in their approach to their practice and tease out new radical ways of viewing and perceiving their art works. “There is something real in the illusion, more real than in the reality behind it” - Slavoj Žižek. This illusion acts as the power of the artist to present a world through an altered focus, to show the viewer aspects of the world that are warped and exposed. The artist – often working as the mirror for society – creates new dialogues that challenge conventional views on politics and culture, pushing for examination on our preconceived expectations of what contemporary art is and what relevance it has for the society we live in.