Studios & Members

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About Our Studios

Rathmines | Harold’s Cross | Crumlin | Blackpitts

MART Studios: Providing a space to support the production and exhibition of visual art.

MART Studio Member Benefits:

  • Joining one of Ireland’s largest creative artistic communities with over 150 members across Dublin.
  • Opportunity to exhibit your work twice a year in our annual Artist & Design Member Exhibitions and as part of our December Showcase. 
  • Occasional free use of our galleries for documentation of work, photoshoots, rehearsals, etc.
  • Skill Sharing – Connect, share and learn for free with your fellow creative peers.
  • Regular members Group Critiques & meet-ups.
  • Curator Visits by MART curators or visiting professionals.
  • Feature your work on our Website and Social Media to our thousands of followers.
  • Promote exhibitions and other news through MART Social media channels. 
  • On The Radar For International Exhibitions.
  • Access To Tools & our Equipment.
  • No Bills
  • Superfast Broadband.
  • Parking where possible.
  • Open Studio events held throughout the year
  • Safe & Comfortable Space.
  • Studio access from 7am to 11pm daily.
  • Fire and burglar alarm, with security monitored 24hrs a day.
  • Heart of Vibrant Creative Community.

Check Out our Available Studios Here.

Through MART Studios we pride ourselves on sustaining a community of studios that offer affordable, cooperative and professional environments for the development of all things cultural! We do this by working with local landlords and authorities to inhabit spaces that facilitate artists’ studios and workspaces for creatives. We cater to emerging and established practitioners with a range of studios and project spaces for all forms of creativity. We are the largest supplier of independent space for the arts, cultural and creative community in Ireland, now supporting 150 members in several studio buildings across Dublin.  

Our members and studios have a strong impact on the local and national Creative Economy. Our studios have great transport links and neighbour some of Dublin’s best bars, cafés, restaurants & vintage shops.  At MART we redevelop buildings, work with local communities, attract and create jobs and improve localities through our main values:


  • Cultural Advocacy: We advocate for the arts and visual culture, promoting inspiration, education and freedom of expression. We develop creative platforms to support and challenge artists. We dedicate all of our activities to supporting creativity.
  • Community Building: We regenerate vacant and derelict buildings, allowing them to serve their locality. We create communities of artists allowing for opportunities of collaboration and support.
  • Sustainability: We operate as a self-supporting organisation and provide a safe studio environment allowing artists to concentrate on their work and sustain their practice in a dedicated space, free from worry.


All income generated by the organisation is invested back into our not-for-profit activities: creating platforms for artists through studios and exhibitions, building refurbishment, providing employment and encouraging the growth of artistic communities.


Key Statistics:

  • 50% Artists & 50% Creatives
  • 40% of our members work internationally
  • 60% of our members collaborate together
  • Main disciplines include: Visual Art, Illustration, Photography, Painting, Design, Creative Industries
  • 70% of our MART Studio Members believe having a studio has increased their growth and practice
  • Members use studios for: Creative Community | Collaboration | Professionalism | Raise Profile | Creative Working Environment | Push Boundaries | Peer Support | Less Isolation | Opportunity to Grow


Our Story:

MART was set up by artists for artists. It began in 2007 by Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin as a way to create exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. MART seeks to create opportunities by providing creative platforms to support creatives from all stages of their careers to test new ground. As a curatorial partnership Ciara & Matthew have curated over 200 artists through 50 exhibitions across Ireland, UK, Europe, USA & Japan. In 2013 MART opened two art galleries in a converted old fire station in Rathmines, Dublin 6, and as of 2018 has become the largest provider of studios in Ireland.   


Public Opinion:

  • 70% believe MART has had large Dublin 6 & 8 cultural, social, economic growth in the past 5 years
  • 70% believe action should be taken to keep MART and similar organisations sustainable and open
  • 82% believe Studio Spaces like MART are vital in Dublin City
  • 80% believe MART’s Artistic Platforms rate 8/10


Solo & Shared:

MART is proud to provide a wide range of creative studios varying in sizes. We have small and large workshop spaces, contemporary studios and several large Georgian rooms with exposed brickwork and high ceilings. We cater to individuals, small groups and assist in pairing if you’re looking for a comrade to share with.

You can check out our Health & Safety Guidelines here.

As a Mart Member you’d have access to all of our COMMUNITY EVENTS. For example in 2017 that included BBQs, SMART TALKS (our series of industry talks with the VAI and Arts Council among others), Studio Crits and Opens Studio evenings

 To enquire about MART Studios, please email

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HX Village Studios

MART HX Village Studios, 18a Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, D12 C953

Our New Studios operate as an active collaborative approach, providing a supportive platform and opportunity as a means of showcasing and promoting cultural cooperation. We actively use methods of pooling resources and creative exchange to resource art, develop and build artistic and civic communities.


Harold’s Cross, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months. Located close to a range of cafes, bars and parks. Just a couple of minutes walk from Camden Street, and the city centre.

The Building

This is MART’s largest building, allowing the freedom to explore large and small scale projects. A Secure building with automated, monitored alarm system.


Lots of bus routes (9, 16, 16c, 49, 54a) and fifteen minutes walk from Dublin City Centre. Situated close to a Dublin bike station.


Our Studio Members

Ali Waked | SC Walsh | Lisa McCormack  | Colette O’Connell | Eoin Heaney | Robert Campbell | Simon Dennehy | Philip Hamilton | Simon Kingston | Jonathan Blayney | Cian Corcoran | Ben O’Connor | Aoife Noonan | Katarzyna Gajewska | Craig Starkie | Gary Murphy | Julian King | Mariana Madoleva | Paula McGloin  | Jill O Reilly  | Keara Q | Freya Oatway  |  Diane Butler | Derval Tubridy | Miranda Blennerhassett | Gavan Duffy |Vivienne Quinn | Georgina Diaz |  Scott O Sullivan | Roisin Cunningham | Julian King | Billy Dante | Sarah Wilson | Angelica Santander | Julia Doherty | Lauren White Murphy | Sharon Ramsey | Sing Along Social | Sheila Nolan | Sharon Ramsey | Julia Doherty | Sorha O’Higgins | Andrej Getman | Stephen Burke | Irena Uhlemann | Ali Lowndes | Peter Doyle | Theresa Czerniak | Zaria Jackson | Joan Bergin | Roderick O’Grady | Katarzyna Kukla | Kevin Dorney | Bridget Ryan | Michael Mangan | Kate Betts | Léan Ni Chuilleanáin | Claire Prouvost | Natasha Conway | Ljiljana Babic | Rachel Clarke | Irena Uhlemann | Jason Kearney | Nicola Anthony



Ali Waked

A social business experiment using the profits and market establishment from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Incausa partners with Indigenous cause initiatives developing non-profit trade posts and market placement. Using social entrepreneurship to reignite indigenous heritage, Incausa uplifts cultural values and builds sustainable opportunities.

Visual Artist

Paula McGloin

Paula McGloin is a Dublin based illustrator and surface pattern Designer. Born in Sligo, she spent her childhood nearby woods, mountains and the sea. Her love of nature, vintage and bold vibrant detail is evident from her bright and eclectic illustrations. She finds inspiration scouring vintage flea markets, hiking in the woods or travelling to new places. Paula is a member of Illustrators Guild of Ireland and Association of Illustrators (UK). She studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design, and later a Masters in Digital Media Technology at Dublin Institute of Technology. Paula worked for a number of years as a graphic designer before exploring her career as an illustrator. She currently lectures part-time at the Dublin Institute of Design in the Graphic Design and Fashion departments. Her work appears in books, editorial, retail design, fashion, fabrics and ceramics all across the globe. Clients include Kipling (EU), Camelot Fabrics (CA), Urban Outfitters (US), Marks & Spencers, Bewley’s Ireland, National Trust (NI), Royal Irish Academy, The Handmade Soap Company, GIll Books, Poetry Ireland and Little Island Books.
2016 – Shortlisted Irish Book Awards – RTE Radio 1’s The Ryan Tubridy Show Listener’s Choice Award (All Through the Night)
2016 – Shortlisted Irish Book Awards- The Best Irish Published book of the Year (All Through the Night)
2018 – Shortlisted Irish Design Awards Publishing/Illustration (Day & Night: Rainforest)

Visual Artist

Scott O’Sullivan

I am a painter from the East Cork. I work mainly with oil and encaustic wax. I often base my work from my own personal experiences, photography, travelling, staying put, people and places. My most recent work being a series of wax paintings loosely based from quick line drawings of people I met on the Camino de Santiago. A long hike I did, through Northern Spain.


Georgina Diaz

Specialized in Historical Costumes for the Television and Film Industry, Georgina Diaz is a Fashion & Textile Designer from the NCAD in Dublin. Passionately interested in all History related subjects and particularly in the fashionable garments as material culture of any given period of time.

Visual Artist

Katarzyna Gajewska

Creating canvases laden with emotion and personal feelings is my necessity, obsession and addiction, never insatiable appetite. Believing in instinct over reason, I am starting over with every painting. The relation between value of colour and texture is my formula for expressing my vision. The effect of the feeling’s complexity is doubled by the works chaotic texture. Trying to contour human silhouette in bold structure on the surface, I am exploring the physical expression of the theme. The paintings give direct attention to their own physicality and because of that, the human form emanates with psychological structure, driving to insubstantial. Colour and texture are symbols. Oppressive through reconstruction becomes useful. Such is the mourning in Ginsberg’s Kaddish. Fact and fiction becomes blurred; Ginsberg is restoring memory of his mother through exposure, exasperation, desire to know. He is embracing her in the most direct way. I am shaping my work by fidgeting with direct and metaphorical. Draping dissonance between new and recycled; painting over new surfaces subsequently as in endless circle of life.

Visual Artist

Roisin Cunningham

Roisin Cunningham has a diverse practice of drawing, painting and print-making. She also uses photography, video and sound installation. She has exhibited in Templebar Galleries Dublin, Iontas-Yeats Memorial Building Sligo, Art Trail Cork, Dublin Fringe Festival, RDS Student Awards, Sculpture in Context Dublin and An Oireachtas County Hall Dun Laoghaire. She has exhibited in many group shows and her work is in collections in Ireland, England, France and Italy. She teaches drawing and painting. She is a skilled arts facilitator. 

Visual Artist

Julian King

My current artistic practice is based on the idea of “Digiconography”. Our current media environment is awash with the concept of the Celebrity personality. These figures who for the media consumer have no actual reality are akin to the Gods, Goddesses and mythical creatures of the ancient world. I take specific famous people who are abroad in the discourse and generate a network of associated ideas around them that pays homage to the collage style of the Surrealist movement. Formally my work would be “Maker Art”, as I use current technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing to manifest digitally computer generated images.

What I believe in: Art as agency. Techno-democracy in place of technocracy. Technology as a tool – not a threat. Taking ownership of the means of reproduction. Hyperart for a Hyperreality.

Visual Artist

Derval Tubridy

My practice is process-based abstract painting that responds to liminal environments and contested epistemologies. Recent projects explore painting as a forensic practice (Solo Exhibition Adjacency, No Format Gallery 2017), and extreme geological environments (Lithosphere, current project). I publish critical writing (Samuel Beckett and the Language of Subjectivity CUP 2018), and participate in collaborative projects (Art Writing at the Royal Court Theatre 2014; The Joseph Boshier Collective, Standpoint Gallery Hoxton 2013; Land | Labour | Capital, Limerick City Gallery of Art, 2013), and am currently investigating neurodiversity in performance and practice through collaborations with Touretteshero and DYSPLA. I am a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Visual Artist

Gavan Duffy

I am a trained artist and designer living in Dublin. My work is primarily the result of a need to paint. Though acrylic is my favourite medium, I also work with oils, gouache, metallic leaf, ink and charcoal. My ultimate goal is to seek feeling, and be unafraid to share what I find. In recent years my work has been mainly commissioned by private clients.

Visual Artist

Billy Dante

Billy Dante’s work explores the mirrored effect of art as life and life as art, fascinated by the spectacle and theatricality of every aspect of our existence. The work creates a primitive/ritualistic environment in the modern world, highlighting and observing aspects of everyday life to the extent that they become bigger then life. Through the blending of different points of reference, Dante’s practice develops a unique language of expression, in this the viewer feels lost and found all at the same time. The viewer picks up on moments of recognition, but these moments are fleeting and quickly dissolve into the hum of experience. As one grapples for meaning, they are placed outside of their comfort zone and therefore become open to broadened thoughts. The work speaks for the importance of forgotten languages as forms of expression, sounds that have lost their meaning but carry power like a mantra or prayer. The meaninglessness reflects the uselessness of art, taking reference from Oscar Wilde’s, A Picture of Dorian Gray, (‘the only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely’). The work has an intensity that speaks for the empowerment of art, the ability to take simplicity (objects such as the telephone directory) and making them the source of profound feeling. Inspired by the great Irish literary figures Wilde, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, this work intends to stand for art’s ability not to reflect or define the human condition, but once this work is experienced the viewer knows less about life and more about existence.

Visual Artist

Sarah Wilson

I am a Dublin based visual artist and a studio facilitator at KCAT Art Centre in Kilkenny. I completed my studies in Fine Art at Loughborough University, followed by a Fine Art Masters at the Glasgow School of Art. In my practice, I adopt a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on exploiting the physical properties of materials in order to tell narratives. I look to engage viewers through textures, distinct use of colour, precarious arrangements and subtle uses of text. I currently exhibit in Ireland as well as abroad including previous locations such as China, New York and Finland.

Clown / Director / Facilitator

Angelica Santander

I am a Clown, director and drama/circus facilitator, I research and develop the interconnection between theatre, clown and Circus arts. I am interested in the creation of original work that reveals the essence of our humanity in a genuine and abandoned way, creations that speak and deal with themes that are relevant to our times. Creations that transport the audience to a different world, a fantastic space that will change and transform both performers and audiences alike. My work is based on the ethos of hard work, commitment, respect, consistency, discipline, free expression and fun. Circus arts and theatre requires a group effort bringing us together regardless of our background. Each team member is equally important. Everyone has a place and everyone is considered. The cathartic power of its practice invites us to understand better our personal journey and express ourselves in a healthy and joyful way.


Eoin Heaney

Eoin is an award winning filmmaker. He writes and directs projects together with writer / producer Nora Windeck. They are Highly Stimulating Productions.

Visual Artist

SC Walsh

S.C.Walsh is an emerging artist best known for industrial dockland scenes, strong in composition, and contradictive in use of material, redefining the use of soft watercolour to depict hard industrial subject matter.
SC Walsh is interested in the ordinary, crafting semi abstract compositions recurring themes depicted in the artist’s work are docks, boats, city streets, rooftops, heavy machinary.
Walsh studied Painting in Galway with the artists Loughlan Hoare, Geraldine Quinn and Hugh Mc Cormack, and Printmaking with Siobhan Piercy and Declan Holloway. The artists work is influenced by the Technical processes employed in the Fine Art Lithography process. The strong compositions in the Artists pieces are reminiscent of Snapshot Photography.
Walsh’s close focus on subjects result in a tension between the representational and abstract.

Visual Artist

Bob Campbell

“to find for each person those umbilical cords that put us in communication with other suns“ Roberto Matta


Freya Oatway

Contemporary hat maker for girls and guys.

Visual Artist

The Ljilja

The Ljilja is a visual artist born in Croatia. She made her first debut in 2006 and since then her art has been shown in group and solo shows. Her work range from installations and paintings to photography and performances.
The Ljilja is an ongoing photography / ritual project . “As an artist my main aim is making the subconscious conscious, and bringing it to the light. We live in an era where most of us are showing the best part of ourselves, the most beautiful parts (a wonderful Kingdom of Selfies), and I am showing those, hidden, dark, disturbing parts. By covering my face and hiding my identity, I become no one; and by becoming no one, I have become everyone. By disfiguring my face, covering my eyes I am allowing my Primordial Self to step out from the darkness. I am reconnecting all over again with my true Self.” – says the Ljilja.

In her work Ljilja is in a constant search for selfless, content and Ego free body. Body that becomes. Bursting body. A body in which human soul live in a complete freedom stripped from all false teachings. A body which is “breaking down areas hardened by perspective of the Ego”. Primal body. Her work can be described as a transformation through creativity and connecting all over with her primal “I”.

Visual Artist

Mariana Madoleva

My name is Mariana Madoleva. I am a self-taught artist. Five years ago I started painting pictures with watercolor and acrylic paints using different styles and techniques. My pictures are for the interior design and can be made to order.

Creative Group

Sing Along Social

The Sing Along Social hosts singing parties for people who can’t sing. Run by The Craic Mechanics, this chaotic choir of craic has pops up at private parties and festivals nationwide (and internationally too), and at their Dublin residencies in The Sugar Club and MVP. Our studio space at Mart is where we brainstorm and make ridiculous props to help bring our favourite cheesy pop songs to life. Think giant pink signs with hand-painted lyrics and custom made disco ball tiaras.

Visual Artist

Sharon Ramsey

Sharon Ramsey is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in the field of sculpture and installation.
Her practice has included working in video, audio, textiles, photography and text, and has often resulted in site and location responsive works.
She uses a variety of materials from bitumen to feathers and glass to wood, collects found objects for installation and regularly uses discarded domestic items and construction materials as her mediums of choice.
Her work invites questions regarding human activity, presence and the social effects of economic and political policy.

Product Developer

Julia Doherty

Julia is a Product Developer working at the intersection of textiles and technology. Her expertise in product development comes from her back round of garment and textile design development, product development and production management across the UK, China, and Ireland. Her work is primarily focused around understanding the inherent relationships between product performance technology and human experience and how this can be translated into better design for better futures.

Visual Artist

Lauren White Murphy

Discovered painting in 2018 when diagnosed with MS while living in Los Angeles as a composer and musician. Influenced by the energetic pace, arthritics and vibrant colours of LA and luxury found there, with use of gold and diamond dust and sometimes Swarovskis to add significance and depth to each work. All work is very large scale with emphasis on pop culture, animation, media, film and all of Lauren’s interests. She has sold work to the Kardashians and Selma Blair, also auctioning a piece for $10k for the MS Society in California and Nevada.

Visual Artist

Sorcha O’Higgins

Sorcha O’Higgins is a collage artist and freelance writer. With a background in architecture and urban art, she works almost exclusively with existing analogue material to create both abstract and figurative work. She is drawn to bold colours, patterns and contrasting elements, which she then compositionally curates to construct playful, direct and sometimes brazen artworks. Her style ranges from geometric and architectural to fluid and harmonious, and recent work has focused on using the medium of collage to examine gendered imagery. She has done bespoke commissions for hotels, theatre productions, magazine covers, album artwork and brand identities, as well as commercial prints and personal work. She runs corporate and group workshops, and intends this year to expand her practice into artscape installations for spaces, brands and events.

Visual Artist

Andrej Getman

I am a Dublin based artist of Lithuanian heritage and my paintings focus on colour or the absence of colour in everyday life. I primarily work using oils on canvas and mixed media, and my inspiration comes from my surroundings and travels. My most recent work has focused on an empty apartment building in my area which could and should have been utilized to reduce Ireland’s homelessness crisis. Empty buildings that are ‘Hidden in plain site’ evoke a mix of emotions that I try to convey in my paintings.

Visual Artist

Stephen Burke

Stephen’s work encourages the viewer to have a greater spatial awareness when traversing through cities by the creation of artworks that highlight the margins of our built environment. He is interested in the social fabric of cities and how architecture attempts to bring order to these spaces. To capture this concept, Stephen produces photographic documentations of public transportation systems, which regularly feature stained mosaics, architectural peculiarities and sprayed construction markings found in stations. Within the studio, he then translates these documentations into a series of paintings and sculptures. The use of tiles and their grid structures within his work underscores the systems implemented through architecture and speaks of the materiality of the cityscape. These system are juxtaposed through mark-making and staining methodologies using pollutants, emulsion, adhesives, and spray paints, which accumulate on the surface of the works to obscure the grids and call attention to human intervention. Thereafter, the composition is stripped back using removal chemicals, an angle grinder and various other manipulations. The resulting back and forth relationship references the sociological tension between order and disorder, while simultaneously implying notions of degeneration. These ideologies are reflected in our cities and their constant state of both construction and deconstruction.

Visual Artist

Irene Uhlemann

Primarily a painter Uhlemann also makes artists books. She frequently uses words as a springboard for ideas; the lyricism of poetry and the fluidity of paint and mark-marking complement each other.

Accessories Designer & Maker

Ali Lowndes

A Little Idea is created by Ali. A Designer & Maker based in Dublin . Ali creates laser cut acrylic jewellery, buttons, teacup jewellery, handmade greeting cards & retro headbands & hair accessories. Her designs are inspired by decades past, full of colour, lightweight and fun to wear.

Visual Artist

Rachel Clarke

Rachel is a contemporary Irish Artist specialising in painted works. Her work is largely concerned with the human condition, human experience and empathy. “I’m drawn to figurative and gestural forms that are subtly expressive. I’m interested in creating atmosphere and empathy, the amalgamation of person and space through my own visual language. Where language fails to construe emotion, brushwork and colour facilitate feeling.”

Visual Artist, Carpenter & Designer

Jason Kearney

Jason Kearney is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin. His current practice focuses on the therapeutic mechanisms at play in the process of art-making. Subsequent to completing an Art Therapy course in 2016, his aim shifted from a digital output towards a more tactile approach. Leaning towards expressionism, his paintings and drawings seek to speak when words fail. In constant dialogue with the medium, Kearney wrestles with the themes of vulnerability, loss and isolation; all under the auspice of seeking to re-frame psychological narratives at play.
In the past his practice dealt primarily with social and economic issues with the use of image and text through the medium of photography. From that he progressed to a body of work based on digital collage, one of which, an album cover for IMLE, got nominated for Best Album Art at the 2018 Gradaim Cheoil NÓS.

Jasons commercial output as a carpenter focuses on bespoke units, structural productions that fuse the skills of woodwork with visual art.

Visual Artist

Nicola Anthony

Nicola is a metal sculptor exploring life journeys, migration, & barriers faced by marginalised groups. Her art draws threads of connection between people from disparate backgrounds. Her collaborative practice works with local marginalised groups.
Recent commissions include a sculpture for USC Shoah Foundation featuring a Holocaust survivor’s story, a Culture Night installation on border crossing, a public sculpture in Co. Wexford about isolated communities and migration, and a public sculpture in Colorado highlighting the words of Elie Wiesel on discrimination.
Shortlisted for Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2020 & received New Voices of Ireland Award 2019.

Visual Artist

Allan Kinsella

My work is concerned primarily with urban and suburban architecture and the liminal spaces between the developed environments and the natural landscape. My intention is to highlight particular icons of everyday life, with a focus on the architecture of urban transit against a backdrop of a subdued suburbia. Using the vocabulary of landscape painting, the works attempt to explore an urge we have to romanticize our surroundings, despite their apparent banality.

  • 4-MART-Exterior-main-Banner
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  • Fire-Station-Studio-G-61-960x400
  • Fire Station Studio A-1-BAnner

MART Fire Station Gallery & Studios

190a Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The eight studios in MART’s Fire Station Gallery & Studios are bespoke visual art Studios based in the landmark Old Fire Station on the Rathmines Road. With large bright windows, high ceilings, exposed brickwork and creative patchwork from years of renovations it really is an inspiring place to work.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

From the exterior, the large red doors are an eye-catching reminder of the history of the building and open to reveal the MART’s main gallery. Above this, located in the former Georgian home, are the MART’s very first studios. Featuring exposed brickwork, wooden floors, and the cosy, lived-in feel of a building with a long history, these studios are home to a range of visual artists, designers and photographers.


The Fire Station is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.


Our Studio Members

Patricia O’Malley | Ciara King | Sinead Hollywoodnutt | Elise Missal | Guida Riba Rovira | Seamus Bradley | Priscilla Robinson | Rudi Wolf | Jane Frew | David Coonan | Milena Matejko | Kathy Herbert | Faolán Carey | Joshua Mulholland


Writer and Performer

Priscilla Robinson

I make interactive, off-site work like “The Robinsons’ Sunday Roadshow Café” and the “help me! help me!” charity shop where I swapped 600+ my things for help. And I make shows like “KuddelMuddel”, which I performed in my flat, and “The Show about The Show” which starred my mother. 

Visual Artist

Seamus Bradley

Seamus Bradley works in a variety of media, currently focusing performing arts of storytelling, spoken word and music. Having exhibited installation and live art extensively in the past, his main project at the moment is the facilitation of performing artists through his involvement in the Circle Sessions non-profit.

Mosaic Artist

Elise Missall

 mosaic artist  I am a from Hamburg, Germany. I work with mixed materials, mainly upcycled ceramics and glass, but also assorted metals and stone. I have a strong interest in the broken, the discarded and unwanted, and take joy in collecting and assembling these materials into a new form. While I have mainly worked on usable items (mirrors, tables, bowls and plates), current exploration is leading me toward 3D mosaic, sculptures and installations.

Musician / Composer

David Coonan

As a composer I’ve written music for a wide variety of situations, including orchestral music, chamber ensembles, choral and vocal, and music for theatre and dance. In recent years I’ve worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, RTE Symphony Orchestra, RTE Contempo Quartet, and for the Abbey Theatre.

Visual Artist

Guida Ribé

Healing people’s hearts with creative expression

Visual Artist

Milena Matejko

Milena Matejko is a freelance digital illustrator and painter with a background in fine art media. She works in digital drawing, currently specifying in portraiture and branding. Milena also creates abstract paintings inspired by nature, exploring themes of light, darkness and hope. In the past she has worked in interactive, multi-media installation such as The Public Diary.

Visual Artist

Kathy Herbert

My studio is a place where I read and draw and generally plan my art activities. I design my projects loosely, and then they develop through the doing of the work itself. The work is often made out of doors, and then finished in the studio. Sculpture works are generally made in a sculpture facility such as Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

Mapping and documenting is a technique I use regularly and I have made a number of works this way such as the piece “Shifting Sands”. This approach is an essential methodology in my practice; one where I walk a certain distance over a number of days, noting what I see and where it is. Another such work is “Blanchardstown Walking” It is a study in observation. I call this work “Walking Books”.

Drawing and sculpture form the main of my work. The drawings are often large as in “Giant Drawing” (1.5m x 10m). My sculptures can be anything from stonecarving as in “All We’ve Got”, to ephemeral works involving other people, for example “Leaf Kites”. See website for images.

Visual Artist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Mark McColgan

I work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I received a B.F.A from R.I.S.D and have worked for a variety of companies including RocaWare, EPIC Ireland, Vikings Television Show, Image Now, The Project arts centre and the R.S.C.I. I work in digital and traditional media, preferably mixing them together.
I love and hate pop culture.

Visual Artist

Barbara Lee

Some time ago I formed a habit of collecting or gleaning from nature. I call this collection ‘Withered Beauty’. I became interested in decay, in its many forms, e.g. a deconstructed leaf can take on the appearance of torn lace. Reflective of nature’s rhythm some images I create are clearly defined while others are less predictable and show an unlikely pattern, a blur, a smudged memory. My approach to painting is swift and intuitive assisted by painting on several canvases at once. This way of working powers my impulse to use confident brushstrokes and build layers of colour rendered to form a more daring alliance.

Visual Artist, Photographer

Faolán Carey

Faolán Carey is a Portrait and Documentary Photographer, working mostly between commercial and editorial commissions as well as his own art practice. His fine art photography delicately reflects on working class communities and his own personal experiences growing up a part of one. Heart and intimacy are central intentions in Faolán’s work and ethic, which can be seen throughout his portfolio. Ranging from the unfeigned moments of everyday life to the genuine and familiar connections with that of his subjects. It’s this process that allows him to communicate an honest and humanised reflection of the world.

Visual Artist, Photographer

Joshua Mulholland

Joshua Mulholland is a fine art and portrait photographer based in the heart of Dublin City. Working digitally with most of his commercial commissions and through analog with his personal projects. Joshua’s photography epitomises the term “getting closer” to his subject with his portrait approach. Through this process, he is able to familiarise himself with his subject’s inner identity, and to capture their true character.

  • Coach-House-MART-pic
  • IMG_6115
  • Coach-House-Studio2

Coach House Studios

190a Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The MART’s Coach House Studios are home to one studio and the MART team office. Located behind our Fire Station Gallery and Studios, this former outbuilding has been transformed into a cosy bespoke workplace.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

This former Coach House acted as a stable and storage building for the Old Rathmines Fire Station during its time of operation. With studio space on the lower level and the MART’s team office located in the loft, this building is features exposed brickwork, wooden floors, and the cosy, lived-in feel of a building with a long history. 


The Fire Station is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.

Our Studio Members

Ceramics Artist

El Harrington

El Harrington is an artist and designer based in Dublin. She works in ceramics and digital and darkroom processes, capturing actions and processes of transformation, to explore human gesture, material legacy and objecthood.

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Parker Hill Gallery & Studios

Parker Hill House, Parker Hill, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The eleven studios of MART Parker Hill Gallery & Studios are located right in the heart of Rathmines, just around the corner from our HQ in the Old Fire Station.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

This former office space is subdivided into a number of individual and shared spaces by bespoke wooden walls. A comfortable and quiet space, these studios are home to a number of creative businesses and artists. The space includes a cosy kitchen and social area, and with only a small number of studio members it serves as a tidy, tranquil working environment.


Parker Hill is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.


Our Studio Members

Rob O Connor| Fintan Wall | Deb Fanning | Spencer Glover | Allen Kiely | Sam Kay | Sean Millar | H&G Creations Ltd | Jennifer Kiernan | Paula Brennan | Margaretta Walczak | Aerial | Sheila Flaherty | Laura Seed | Paul McCarthy


Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Fintan Wall

Fintan is a graphic designer specialising mainly in print, but with a bit of web thrown in. Sometimes he creates posters, flyers, brochures, greeting cards, logos, websites, in fact, anything that involves making things look good for good people. Over the last 10 years he’s been doing this, he’s worked for some great people at home and abroad, including Children’s Books Ireland, Digicel BVI, Aiken Promotions, Epic The Irish Emigration Museum LG Electronics and Entertainment Architects and is now a graphic design gun-for-hire.

Event Design

H&G Creations LTD

At H&G we believe that the human experience is a powerful thing, from concept creation to production and
attention to astonishing detail, we excel at transforming spaces and building unique experiences from the ground up. Our creative team has extensive experience in innovative conceptual design, visual communication, curation, styling, interiors, wedding planning, event planning & customer service. Every individual is unique, through our attentive consultations and research processes we work closely with our clients to convey and achieve their objectives in a meaningful way. Get in touch and let us help you bring your vision to life….


Aerial is Ireland’s leading drone company. We specialize in large outdoor events and risk accessed flights in sensitive locations. Such is Aerial’s reputation we were asked by Dublin Airport to conducted the first (and so far only) legal drone flight at Dublin Airport. This happened with approval from all stakeholders. Dublin’s main runway was active throughout Aerial operation. was founded in 2014 by photographers Rob O’Connor of Rocshot Photography and Tony Kinlan of
Kinlan Photography. They wanted to bring their 25 years of commercial photography experience to the skies. With clients ranging from SME’s to PLC’s, including Citi Bank, JP Morgan, Novartis, Diageo, Bacardí and Universal Pictures.


Jennifer Kiernan

Scribble & Stone is a contemporary fine and fashion jewellery label by Irish designer Jenny Kiernan. The name signifies the fact that every design begins with a drawing, a “scribble” and the “stone” refers to gemstones which are an important component in many of our pieces.
We love mixing lots of different materials so with this range you’ll find leather, metal (both precious and plated), gemstones, Italian cut glass, rubber and even laser cut perspex! Contrast is a key theme seen by mixing shiny against matte textures or soft drapey textiles with hard geometric lines.
We work with a network of high quality suppliers both in Ireland and abroad who manufacture the components used in the range. We then finish the pieces by hand in our Dublin Design studio which ensures we have complete control over the quality of our products. Generally speaking we have two ongoing collections at Scribble & Stone. The first is ‘S&S Minimals’ which is a beautiful delicate collection in durable precious metals. These pieces are classic designs which will have longevity – designed for everyday wear and will last years. They are based around simple geometric shapes and architectural forms and designed to be layered and stacked. Then we have the more fashion ‘S&S Statement’ collection which includes interesting materials such as laser-cut perspex, fringing, diamante and leather and are more experimental and fashion-forward in nature. Scribble & Stone products can be purchased from Select stockists nationwide.


Margaretta Walczak

Margahatta Artistic Creations by Margaretta Walczak. I am a milliner who loves to create artistic head pieces. As a creative person who loves to work with my hands. Each piece I design is made lovingly by hand using quality materials which are hand sewn by me. Choose from a selection of ready to wear pieces or contacted me to have a bespoke piece made to a specification.

Graphic Designer

Laura Seed

I am a multi-disciplinary creative that focuses on graphic design, workshops and traditional / digital illustration. I have been self employed for the past 3 years and my niche is in brand identity in the spiritual realm working primarily with small independent businesses locally.

Visual Artist

Sheila Flaherty

Sheila believes in the transformative power of art. Working primarily in oils her new collection “Shine” explores themes of reflection and transparency.

Visual Artist, Photographer

Paul McCarthy

Paul is a photographer working from the Mart Studios in Rathmines, Dublin. He works on personal projects, editorials and on commissions. His work crosses all genres of photography from still life and architecture to portraits.

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Crumlin Gallery & Studios

65 Crumlin Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

The 11 studios of the MART’s Crumlin Gallery & Studios are based in Lower Crumlin road, nearby to the scenic Grand Canal. Featuring large spacious rooms with tall windows and high ceilings, these bright, airy spaces make an ideal working environment. 


Across the canal is Dolphin’s barn, and this studio is also close to a number of residential areas: Rialto, Crumlin, Kimmage and Harold’s Cross. Only a short bus or Luas ride from the city centre. This building is home to a range of visual artists and creative professionals and is an ideal space for working in a calm, peaceful atmosphere.


The Crumlin studios are situated on bus routes 17, 27, 56a, 77a, 151. Ten minutes walk from Suir Road Luas Stop.


 Our Studio Members

The Dublin Inqurier | Cormac Dillon | Horhay Ruiz | Merce Canadell | Jennifer Kavanagh | Leah Canning | Kate McDaid | Alice Brady | Caroline Power | Sonia O’Dwyer | Barbara Cermak | Paola Invernizzi | Aoife Caffrey | Elaine Chapman | Vanessa Power | Georgina Diaz | Daisy Gaffney | Mark Garvie | Graeme Coughlan


Visual Artist

Elaine Chapman

As an autistic person who has newly reconnected with art, I wish to use my art as a way to help others, from all walks of life, to connect with art as well. I wish to use my art as a way to show how autistic people connect with the world, and all its creatures, in many beautiful and unique ways. I will do this through exploring the world around me and using its many vibrant colours in my works.
As part of my work I like to explore connections, whether it is connections with colour, plants, animals, or the people around me. My ‘special interest’ as an autistic person, has always been animals, their rather unique characters, and how they in particular experience the joy of the world. I feel that, in many cases, autistic people see the world in such a way, but are often overwhelmed by social pressures and modernity.
Animals, and the quiet places in nature are what allow us to reconnect to the world, and it is these connections, and why we should all engage with them, that I wish to explore.

Street Artist

Shane Ha

I’m a creative designer and mainly paint murals around the country for a range of clients and communities. I enjoy adapting my painting style between graffiti characters through to photorealist portraits and signwriting, depending on the brief that I’m working on.


The Dublin Inquirer

Dublin Inquirer is an member-supported newspaper with original stories about the city.

Language / Technology Consultant

Laura Casanellas

I help companies start using automatic translation technology (MT); from learning the essential concepts to choosing the right technology, training their staff and language teams, developing an MT program and deploying it into their existing workflow environment.


Rudy Jakma

I am a part-time photographer, tourist guide and (final year) mature student. And an “AOP” as well.

Visual Artist

Aoife Caffrey

Aoife’s work explores the body. Using a mix of lens based media and drawing she creates interactive situations, usually where the artist and viewer are present, to challenge physical, emotional and mental boundaries or perceptions.
Aoife is interested in the bodies response to the outer world. The conscious and sub conscious behaviors that are both individual and collective. How we internalize information, where we hold this energy in our bodies and how we project it back into the world.
Audience participation is key to most of her work. She sees art as a platform to examine parts of herself in the presents of others. The goal is always to connect with the viewer and encourage them to feel open, included, expressive and adventurous about bodies in art.

Visual Artist / Film & Music Producer

Carol Keogh

Songwriter and visual artist, currently working on multi-media solo project The Wicc – two volumes of The Wolf Chronicles expected early 2020.

Visual Artist / Milliner

Mark Garvie

Mark Garvie is a milliner creating bespoke hats and headwear for events, photoshoots and theatre.


The Shift

The Shift is a podcast network that only creates podcasts that we think are that wee bit special. Home to Be Grand, I Don’t Know Her, Promenade and Sound in Space. If you have an idea for a show we would to have a chat with you over a cup of tea.

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Malpas Street Gallery & Studios


2/3 Argus House, Malpas Street, Blackpitts, Dublin 8

The six studios in MART’s Malpas Street Gallery & Studios are based in a historic block on the edge of the Liberties, located close to NCAD, as well as a range of cafes (The Fumbally, Two Pups, Cathedral Cafe), bars (John Fallon’s, The Headline, Whelan’s, Against the Grain), and restaurants (Sova Vegan Butcher, Boojum, Konkan). This cosy former office space is now home to a range of artists and creative professionals working across a number of disciplines.

The Building

Situated on the upper floor of an office block, this building has windows on two sides for lots of light and great views of the Liberties skyline. A large shared kitchen and social space gives studio members the opportunity to get to know their neighbours.


The Malpas Street studio is situated on bus routes 49, 54a, or five minutes walk to 27, 56a, 77a, 150 and 151. Fifteen minutes walk from St Stephen’s Green Luas Stop.


 Our Studio Members

Gum Collective | Patrick Cullivan | Daire Irwin | Sean Clarke | Owen Costello | Michael Bruce | Mags Harnett | Ellen Kirk | Emma Connell | Babydoll | Kevin Judge | Carmen Quigley


Visual Artists

The Gum Collective

Film Director & Cinematographer

Sean Clarke

Sean Clarke is a Dublin based director and cinematographer. He works mainly in documentary and film.

Film Director & Cinematographer

Owen Costello

Visual Artist

Michael Bruce Weston

Architect/Artist interested in space in all its forms, mainly in the absurd and pathological/poetical aspects of it. I have worked with/in different media using low cost and recycled materials in different sizes and formats. Currently involved in architecture, working in 3 addiction centres and at times in a local prison in Dublin.

Stage Design

Molly O’Cathain

I am a Set and Costume designer based in Dublin (with Swedish roots) and a co-founder of MALAPROP. I work across theatre, dance, opera and the occasional film and music video. I like to collaborate on vibrant, expressionistic work, using colour, form and object as visual metaphor and dramaturgy, rather than (or as well as) as backdrop or decoration. I create detailed worlds which have a thoroughly developed material culture and consistent or decisively inconsistent attitude to the material.

Visual Artist

Mags Harnett

Torn between writing and painting I use text as image

Stage & Production Designer

Ellen Kirk

I am a Dublin based stage and production designer. My work spans theatre, music and film and often incorporates projections and live visual elements. Although working predominantly in theatre I increasingly work closely with a number of musicians developing and designing live shows and music videos. Artists I frequently work with include Kojaque, Soft Boy Records and Soda Blonde.

Candle Maker

Emma Connell

Melting together a love of candle burning and a passion for preserving the environment, Ochre embodies an ethical and eco-friendly approach to candle making. Each vessel is hand-poured in Dublin using 100% Eco Soy Wax mixed with a blend of essential oils providing you with a cleaner burn that is better for both you and the environment.

Vintage Boutique

Babydoll Vintage

Vintage Women’s wear boutique, selling a range of unique affordable pieces as well as one off designer pieces. Babydoll’s calling has always been to keep the love affair and mystery of vintage alive. We bring all our dolls beautiful gems weekly. Our pieces tell a story and are far from the every day run of the mill vintage you will find.

Visual Artist

Kevin Judge

Kevin Judge is an artist living and working in Dublin. He’s usually found making paintings.

Visual Artist

Carmen Quigley

A visual artist based in Dublin. Will draw on anything but prefers to do it on paper and pottery.

Fashion Designer

Iseult Law

Iseult Law is a fashion designer.
Who makes consciously made luxuries.
Her label focuses on handmade clothing, accessories and homeware, connecting and weaving cultures together through cloth.
Fabrics have all been sourced from local artisans around the world with a focus on handwoven and naturally dyed fabrics.


Attention Attire

Attention Attire creates limited edition, handmade outerwear and accessories from upcycled camping gear left behind at Ireland’s music festivals. Each piece is crafted with recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. This isn’t fast fashion, this is forward thinking fashion.

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