Studios & Members

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HX Village Studios

MART HX Village Studios, 18a Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, D12 C953

Our New Studios operate as an active collaborative approach, providing a supportive platform and opportunity as a means of showcasing and promoting cultural cooperation. We actively use methods of pooling resources and creative exchange to resource art, develop and build artistic and civic communities.


Harold’s Cross, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months. Located close to a range of cafes, bars and parks. Just a couple of minutes walk from Camden Street, and the city centre.

The Building

This is MART’s largest building, allowing the freedom to explore large and small scale projects. A Secure building with automated, monitored alarm system.


Lots of bus routes (9, 16, 16c, 49, 54a) and fifteen minutes walk from Dublin City Centre. Situated close to a Dublin bike station.


Our Studio Members

Ali Waked | SC Walsh | Lisa McCormack  | Colette O’Connell | Eoin Heaney | Robert Campbell | Derek Fitzpatrick | Austin Hearne | Graeme Coughlan  | Simon Dennehy | Philip Hamilton | Simon Kingston | Jonathan Blayney | Cian Corcoran | Ben O’Connor | Aoife Noonan | Katarzyna Gajewska | Craig Starkie  | Laura Skehan | Gary Murphy | Marcus Cassidy | Julian King | Darragh Ashe Bowden | Sean Whelan Dempsey | Peadar JB | James Kelly | Mariana Madoleva | Sharon Green | Jason Minsky | Niamh Hannaford | Paula McGloin  | Jill O Reilly  | Keara Q | Freya Oatway | Oriel Lett | Stephen Maher | Diane Butler | Derval Tubridy | Eve O’Callaghan | James Moore | Miranda Blennerhassett | Gavan Duffy | Katie Foley | Lauren Tracey | Rubedor Studio | Hunt & Gather | Zoe Ní Riordáin | Vivienne Quinn | Georgina Diaz | Roisin Cunningham | Michelene Huggard | Joanna Hopkins | Scott O Sullivan



Ali Waked

A social business experiment using the profits and market establishment from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Incausa partners with Indigenous cause initiatives developing non-profit trade posts and market placement. Using social entrepreneurship to reignite indigenous heritage, Incausa uplifts cultural values and builds sustainable opportunities.

Visual Artist

Niamh Hannaford

Niamh was born in 1987. She was 3.16 kg, 54 cm. She had a small tuft of curls on top of her head, which her mother dressed in a bow. In 2017 she weighs 70 kg and is 174 cm. Her hair is shoulder length and she still wears a bow. She uses her work to explore her inner fears with a playful curiosity. Still, she is constantly terrified. 

Visual Artist

Paula McGloin

Paula McGloin is a Dublin based illustrator and surface pattern Designer. Born in Sligo, she spent her childhood nearby woods, mountains and the sea. Her love of nature, vintage and bold vibrant detail is evident from her bright and eclectic illustrations. She finds inspiration scouring vintage flea markets, hiking in the woods or travelling to new places. Paula is a member of Illustrators Guild of Ireland and Association of Illustrators (UK). She studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art and Design, and later a Masters in Digital Media Technology at Dublin Institute of Technology. Paula worked for a number of years as a graphic designer before exploring her career as an illustrator. She currently lectures part-time at the Dublin Institute of Design in the Graphic Design and Fashion departments. Her work appears in books, editorial, retail design, fashion, fabrics and ceramics all across the globe. Clients include Kipling (EU), Camelot Fabrics (CA), Urban Outfitters (US), Marks & Spencers, Bewley’s Ireland, National Trust (NI), Royal Irish Academy, The Handmade Soap Company, GIll Books, Poetry Ireland and Little Island Books.
2016 – Shortlisted Irish Book Awards – RTE Radio 1’s The Ryan Tubridy Show Listener’s Choice Award (All Through the Night)
2016 – Shortlisted Irish Book Awards- The Best Irish Published book of the Year (All Through the Night)
2018 – Shortlisted Irish Design Awards Publishing/Illustration (Day & Night: Rainforest)

Visual Artist

SC Walsh

SC Walsh is a painter and printmaker interested in creating strong compositions. Much of her work, while realist in essence may appear abstract/ semi-abstract.

Visual Artist

Derek Fitzpatrick

Derek Fitzpatrick is a Dublin-born artist and graduated from DIT with a Degree in Fine Art. He has showcased his work in a range of private and public collections including in Villa Tittoni in Milan, Office of Public Works, Dublin and various art centers and galleries around Ireland. Fitzpatrick’s work aims to provide insight into the human condition and what it means to be human and is highly imaginative and intuitive: The paintings do not aim to illustrate a specific reality rather they use the form of ‘landscape’ or ‘figure’ as a vehicle to allow for a looser more subjective exploration of the tactile quality of paint. They do not represent real spaces but rather the work could be seen as an attempt to give the sense of a psychological state. “I am interested in the mediums potential to portray feelings and my paintings sometimes include features which can be identified as belonging Fitzpatrick’s work takes the viewer beyond seeing nature and into an experience more felt then seen.

Visual Artist

Jason Minsky

I try to unravel and re-configures the familiar within my work. Playfully dislocating the functioning of events and taking a multi-disciplinary approach The context of the work is often central to its interpretation and during the last few years I have made a range of work exploring the conventions and rituals within and around sporting environments. I often employs humour as a strategy to unpick these rules. I have exhibited widely across the UK and Internationally in group and solo shows. Residencies include Berwick Gymnasium Residency, Leeds Rugby Residency, Cultural Olympiad project for London Olympics 2012. Winner of the inaugural Manchester Art Prize. Graduate of Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art, London. Can make an ace cup of tea..

Visual Artist

Scott O’Sullivan

I am a painter from the East Cork. I work mainly with oil and encaustic wax. I often base my work from my own personal experiences, photography, travelling, staying put, people and places. My most recent work being a series of wax paintings loosely based from quick line drawings of people I met on the Camino de Santiago. A long hike I did, through Northern Spain.

Theatre Maker

Zoe Ní Riordáin

Zoe is a theatre maker and musician from Dublin. She recently founded a new theatre company, One Two One Two with long-time collaborator Maud Lee. They make experimental work that brings their practice as a musicians and songwriters into a theatrical context.


Georgina Diaz

Specialized in Historical Costumes for the Television and Film Industry, Georgina Diaz is a Fashion & Textile Designer from the NCAD in Dublin. Passionately interested in all History related subjects and particularly in the fashionable garments as material culture of any given period of time.

Visual Artist

James Moore

My creative practice is essentially based on narratives that seek to explore or create meaning from experience. As such I am interested in histories, how language is used, modernism and the thoughtful application of post modernist ideas.


Gerard O’Keeffe

Gerard is a filmmaker whose focus is predominantly on cinematography. His previous work includes short narrative, documentary and music videos. He also works as projection artist for installation, performance and events.

Visual Artist

Katarzyna Gajewska

Creating canvases laden with emotion and personal feelings is my necessity, obsession and addiction, never insatiable appetite. Believing in instinct over reason, I am starting over with every painting. The relation between value of colour and texture is my formula for expressing my vision. The effect of the feeling’s complexity is doubled by the works chaotic texture. Trying to contour human silhouette in bold structure on the surface, I am exploring the physical expression of the theme. The paintings give direct attention to their own physicality and because of that, the human form emanates with psychological structure, driving to insubstantial. Colour and texture are symbols. Oppressive through reconstruction becomes useful. Such is the mourning in Ginsberg’s Kaddish. Fact and fiction becomes blurred; Ginsberg is restoring memory of his mother through exposure, exasperation, desire to know. He is embracing her in the most direct way. I am shaping my work by fidgeting with direct and metaphorical. Draping dissonance between new and recycled; painting over new surfaces subsequently as in endless circle of life.

Visual Artist

James Kelly

My work comes from a desire to find methods to counteract an ever-growing sense of unease in the face of: the treatment of the land as a resource rather than a symbiotic companion; confusions between what is considered natural with our differing concepts of ‘nature’; and to fight a despondency resulting from current human interactions with one another, coming through the unfulfilling promises of communicative media. Relief is sought through forms of magical thinking and employing phenomenological perspectives. The making of charged objects, tools and sculptures, employing contrasting processes such as blacksmithing and electronics. These ‘tools’, being not only extensions of the body to facilitate certain tasks, but items charged with their maker’s intention, their seemingly inherent implied purpose, imbued with a force through a history of action recorded upon their surfaces. The creation of video works, which capture actions and performances echoing ritual, carried out against visions of human-effected landscapes, following an idea that indirect and seemingly absurd activity can allow for unconscious thought processing and lateral problem solving.

Visual Artist

Roisin Cunningham

Roisin Cunningham has a diverse practice of drawing, painting and print-making. She also uses photography, video and sound installation. She has exhibited in Templebar Galleries Dublin, Iontas-Yeats Memorial Building Sligo, Art Trail Cork, Dublin Fringe Festival, RDS Student Awards, Sculpture in Context Dublin and An Oireachtas County Hall Dun Laoghaire. She has exhibited in many group shows and her work is in collections in Ireland, England, France and Italy. She teaches drawing and painting. She is a skilled arts facilitator. 

Visual Artist

Julian King

What I believe in: Art as agency. Techno-democracy in place of technocracy. Technology as a tool – not a threat. Taking ownership of the means of reproduction. Hyperart for a Hyperreality.

Visual Artist

Derval Tubridy

My practice is process-based abstract painting that responds to liminal environments and contested epistemologies. Recent projects explore painting as a forensic practice (Solo Exhibition Adjacency, No Format Gallery 2017), and extreme geological environments (Lithosphere, current project). I publish critical writing (Samuel Beckett and the Language of Subjectivity CUP 2018), and participate in collaborative projects (Art Writing at the Royal Court Theatre 2014; The Joseph Boshier Collective, Standpoint Gallery Hoxton 2013; Land | Labour | Capital, Limerick City Gallery of Art, 2013), and am currently investigating neurodiversity in performance and practice through collaborations with Touretteshero and DYSPLA. I am a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Rubedor Studio

Rubedor Studio is a creative start-up. Our activities include: design of eco-friendly products, creating media and audio-visual material, product photography, marketing and promotion of great craft beers, saving whales and a lot more!

Visual Artist

Gavan Duffy

I am a trained artist and designer living in Dublin. My work is primarily the result of a need to paint. Though acrylic is my favourite medium, I also work with oils, gouache, metallic leaf, ink and charcoal. My ultimate goal is to seek feeling, and be unafraid to share what I find. In recent years my work has been mainly commissioned by private clients.

Visual Artist

Peadar JB

Over the last few years I have been working predominantly with oil paint, though often other media and mediums are integrated into the work. The source material for my work varies from year to year and even work to work. I have previously used old family photographs together with found photos and photo slides. More recently however, I have moved away from representational imagery and more so internal reflections and thoughts that may amalgamate into text or symbolic imagery. With regards to subject matter, my previous work has explored topics including relationships, postcolonialism, existentialism and otherness. Using my own life experiences, I try create work which reflects a personal perspective of the world around me. Much of my work is heavily influenced by my childhood and teenage years growing up in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Having had the privilege to experience numerous cultures throughout the world, my work is very much interested in people. Relationships between each other and also the natural world we are part of.


Lauren Tracey

My name is Lauren and I’m a freelance Illustrator who lives in Dublin, although I prefer to call myself a ‘professional magic maker.’ I enjoy illustrating people I find beautiful, and being part of the online art sharing community. I have illustrated for various different projects, including Children’s books, Comic covers, Merchandise and Icons for online personalities, among other things

Visual Artist

Billy Dante

Billy Dante’s work explores the mirrored effect of art as life and life as art, fascinated by the spectacle and theatricality of every aspect of our existence. The work creates a primitive/ritualistic environment in the modern world, highlighting and observing aspects of everyday life to the extent that they become bigger then life. Through the blending of different points of reference, Dante’s practice develops a unique language of expression, in this the viewer feels lost and found all at the same time. The viewer picks up on moments of recognition, but these moments are fleeting and quickly dissolve into the hum of experience. As one grapples for meaning, they are placed outside of their comfort zone and therefore become open to broadened thoughts. The work speaks for the importance of forgotten languages as forms of expression, sounds that have lost their meaning but carry power like a mantra or prayer. The meaninglessness reflects the uselessness of art, taking reference from Oscar Wilde’s, A Picture of Dorian Gray, (‘the only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely’). The work has an intensity that speaks for the empowerment of art, the ability to take simplicity (objects such as the telephone directory) and making them the source of profound feeling. Inspired by the great Irish literary figures Wilde, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, this work intends to stand for art’s ability not to reflect or define the human condition, but once this work is experienced the viewer knows less about life and more about existence.

Visual Artist

Katie Foley

After spending several years focusing on stage design, I am in the process of reacquainting myself with the visual arts. My preferred medium is paint, but I am exploring other media. I am a graduate of the New Orleans Centre for The Creative Art’s (Visual Arts) and the Lir Academy (MFA Stage Design).

Visual Artist

Sharon Greene

Sharon Greene is an Irish artist who creates multi-sensory environments. Using a variety of materials and unorthodox methods her work is always unexpected, playful and engaging.

Performance Artist

Eleanor Lawler

The invisible woman likes to perform, to enhance images using ancient stitching techniques, to use and record her body doing strangely normal, not at all difficult, juxtapositioning. Structure, literal and metaphorical, is a constant source of interest, investigation and deconstruction. She also co-curates the now legendary live art platform, Livestock, currently resident at MART.

Visual Artist

Lucy McKenna

Lucy McKenna’s work is concerned with the observation and constant structuring/ restructuring of information systems that attempt to explain the universe and our place in it. Through various mediums she traces different forms of data extraction, collection and communication developed by humans to understand existence; including methods of scientific experiment, technology, language, symbols, storytelling, intuitive belief, or myth. Using her visual art practice as a tool of information collection and data distillation, her works seek to unfold the information hidden in those spaces where the analytic and the intuitive concur. Her practice is a multidisciplinary one consisting of drawing, photography, film, installation, audio and sculptural works.

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MART Fire Station Gallery & Studios

190a Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The eight studios in MART’s Fire Station Gallery & Studios are bespoke visual art Studios based in the landmark Old Fire Station on the Rathmines Road. With large bright windows, high ceilings, exposed brickwork and creative patchwork from years of renovations it really is an inspiring place to work.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

From the exterior, the large red doors are an eye-catching reminder of the history of the building and open to reveal the MART’s main gallery. Above this, located in the former Georgian home, are the MART’s very first studios. Featuring exposed brickwork, wooden floors, and the cosy, lived-in feel of a building with a long history, these studios are home to a range of visual artists, designers and photographers.


The Fire Station is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.


Our Studio Members

Shane Berkery | Patricia O’Malley | Ciara King | Sinead Hollywoodnutt | Elise Missal | Guida Riba Rovira | Seamus Bradley | Priscilla Robinson | Rudi Wolf | Emmet Doherty | Jane Frew | David Coonan


Visual Artist

Shane Berkery

I am a painter based in Dublin and a graduate of NCAD. I am half Japanese, half Irish and I have lived in America, Japan and Ireland. My main objective in painting is to create an intense sense of presence in both the depicted figure within the painting, and the painting within the space it is displayed. In trying to achieve this I have several streams of work. The main one takes inspiration from old photographs that my Japanese grandparents took when they were my age. The other streams of work include figure studies and working from my own personal photographs.

Visual Artist

Priscilla Robinson

I make interactive, off-site work like “The Robinsons’ Sunday Roadshow Café” and the “help me! help me!” charity shop where I swapped 600+ my things for help. And I make shows like “KuddelMuddel”, which I performed in my flat, and “The Show about The Show” which starred my mother. 

Visual Artist

Seamus Bradley

Seamus’ work uses a number media, including lens media, electronics, live performance, software and sculptural installation. Issues surrounding the nature of chaos and the philosophy of Absurdism inform the work.

Mosaic Artist

Elise Missall

 mosaic artist  I am a from Hamburg, Germany. I work with mixed materials, mainly upcycled ceramics and glass, but also assorted metals and stone. I have a strong interest in the broken, the discarded and unwanted, and take joy in collecting and assembling these materials into a new form. While I have mainly worked on usable items (mirrors, tables, bowls and plates), current exploration is leading me toward 3D mosaic, sculptures and installations.


Sophie Murphy

Sophie is the founding director of Taproot Art, a gallery and art advisory service. She hosts exhibitions in different settings throughout Europe representing contemporary visual artists from Ireland and abroad. 


David Coonan

As a composer I’ve written music for a wide variety of situations, including orchestral music, chamber ensembles, choral and vocal, and music for theatre and dance. In recent years I’ve worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, RTE Symphony Orchestra, RTE Contempo Quartet, and for the Abbey Theatre.

Painter / Visual Artist

Sinead HollyWoodnutt

As an artist and Art Therapist my work is in constant dialogue between these two practices, blurring the boundaries between what is art making and what is art therapy. The theme of the unconscious is ever present in my painting practice, using art based research to further understand the human experience. Most recently my work centres around the idea of womanhood.

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  • Coach-House-Studio2

Coach House Studios

190a Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The MART’s Coach House Studios are home to one studio and the MART team office. Located behind our Fire Station Gallery and Studios, this former outbuilding has been transformed into a cosy bespoke workplace.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

This former Coach House acted as a stable and storage building for the Old Rathmines Fire Station during its time of operation. With studio space on the lower level and the MART’s team office located in the loft, this building is features exposed brickwork, wooden floors, and the cosy, lived-in feel of a building with a long history. 


The Fire Station is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.

Our Studio Members

Ceramics Artist

El Harrington

El Harrington is an artist and designer based in Dublin. She works in ceramics and digital and darkroom processes, capturing actions and processes of transformation, to explore human gesture, material legacy and objecthood.

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Lennox St Gallery & Studios


34 Lennox Street, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8

The six studios in MART’s Lennox Street Gallery & Studios are bespoke visual art Studios based in the a small terraced building in a quiet, peaceful residential street in one of Dublin’s most beautiful neighbourhoods: Portobello. Upstairs you’ll find First Draft Coffee – a cafe space serving some of Dublin’s finest speciality coffee, while also providing a space for some of MART’s members to display their artwork to the cafes visitors. Below this is a number of studios housing artists, writers, designers, and creative professionals. 


Located close to a range of cafes (First Draft Coffee, Wall & Keogh, Grove Road Cafe, Brother Hubbard South), bars (The Lower Deck, The Barge, The Bernard Shaw, Whelan’s), banks (AIB, Ulster Bank). Just a couple of minutes walk from Camden Street, and ten minutes walk from Stephen’s Green.


The Lennox Street is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Harcourt Luas stop. Fifteen minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.


Our Studio Members

First Draft Coffee | Ross Dungan | Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair | Esme McNamee | Matthew Smyth | Jack Gleeson | Eoghan Gahan-Mullen | Laura Kinsella | Louisa Jane | Mick Heffernan | David Kitt | Sean Corcoran


Coffee Shop

First Draft Coffee

When First Draft Coffee’s cafe and training space was unexpectedly uprooted in early 2018, the local coffee community rallied together to find First Draft a new home. Those on the ground in Dublin will recognise the new Portobello spot as Love Supreme’s former residence, though Ger has already made his mark on the light and bright coffee shop with a haul of house plants and a freshly bronzed stock of Roasted Brown beans. It’s also the new home of First Draft’s recently launched recruitment agency: Ger and crew are on a mission to install quality people behind the bar across the Irish speciality coffee industry.


Ross Dungan

I am a scriptwriter and playwright and am developing original work with other MART members.

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Parker Hill Gallery & Studios

Parker Hill House, Parker Hill, Rathmines, Dublin 6

The eleven studios of MART Parker Hill Gallery & Studios are located right in the heart of Rathmines, just around the corner from our HQ in the Old Fire Station.


Located close to a range of cafes (Farmer Brown’s, 250 Square, Grove Road Cafe, Pot Bellied Pig, Starbucks), bars (Blackbird, The Bowery, Slattery’s, Mother Reilly’s), restaurants (Manifesto, Hey Donna, Umi), banks (Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB, AIB), shops (Artmines art supplies, Fallon & Byrne) and amenities (library, gym, swimming pool). A few minutes walk from the Grand Canal & Portobello Harbour, a beautifully scenic stretch of the city that becomes a buzzing social hub in summer months.

The Building

This former office space is subdivided into a number of individual and shared spaces by bespoke wooden walls. A comfortable and quiet space, these studios are home to a number of creative businesses and artists. The space includes a cosy kitchen and social area, and with only a small number of studio members it serves as a tidy, tranquil working environment.


Parker Hill is situated on bus routes 14, 15, 65, 83, 140, 142. Five minutes from Charlemont Luas stop. Twenty minutes walk from Dublin City Centre.


Our Studio Members

Rob O Connor | Maria Johnston | Laura Seed | Fintan Wall | Deb Fanning | Steven Maybury | Alex Counihan | Spencer Glover | Allen Kiely | Chiara Benedetti | Annie Gahan | Ciaran Meister | Sam Kay | Sean Millar | H&G Creations Ltd | Jennifer Kiernan | Paula Brennan


Visual Artist

Steven Maybury

My practice is preoccupied with the structures related to one’s own sense of security and comfort and the acts of precision we make to create these. I make meditative and repetitious drawings and sculptures anchored in a devotion to time and value. My study of time is related to the impermanence of materiality and how we experience this and often contest or trial it. My study of labour is revealed through its aesthetic qualities and sensibilities.
My work involves ritual, repetition and a demand for contemplation. These processes allow me to engage with the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings and consciousness. Through repetition, I form an understanding and relationship with the objects I work with, seeking an honesty in the material. I am attracted to the perceived failings of materials and objects and find comfort in working with these as expressive qualities.
My work reflects on my routines, memory, travel, observations and lived experiences to inform the materials used or encountered. Drawing is often my first interaction with a material or subject, representing a mechanism not just for seeing and recording, but for an intense exploration of material. I then venture through processes of assembling, informed by my drawings and interactions, creating sculptural forms. Through installations, personalities and sensibilities are revealed, allowing a deeper understanding of my own inter-relationship with materials.

Visual Artist

Chiara Benedetti

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Fintan Wall

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Laura Seed

Maria Johnston

Event Design

H&G Creations LTD

At H&G we believe that the human experience is a powerful thing, from concept creation to production and
attention to astonishing detail, we excel at transforming spaces and building unique experiences from the ground up. Our creative team has extensive experience in innovative conceptual design, visual communication, curation, styling, interiors, wedding planning, event planning & customer service. Every individual is unique, through our attentive consultations and research processes we work closely with our clients to convey and achieve their objectives in a meaningful way. Get in touch and let us help you bring your vision to life….

  • Crumlin Outside. Banner
  • MART Gallery Crumlin Banner
  • Crumlin Studios Halls & Gallery-9-Banner
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  • Crumlin Studio C4-2-banner
  • crumlin panorama

Crumlin Gallery & Studios

65 Crumlin Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

The 11 studios of the MART’s Crumlin Gallery & Studios are based in Lower Crumlin road, nearby to the scenic Grand Canal. Featuring large spacious rooms with tall windows and high ceilings, these bright, airy spaces make an ideal working environment. 


Across the canal is Dolphin’s barn, and this studio is also close to a number of residential areas: Rialto, Crumlin, Kimmage and Harold’s Cross. Only a short bus or Luas ride from the city centre. This building is home to a range of visual artists and creative professionals and is an ideal space for working in a calm, peaceful atmosphere.


The Crumlin studios are situated on bus routes 17, 27, 56a, 77a, 151. Ten minutes walk from Suir Road Luas Stop.


 Our Studio Members

The Dublin Inqurier | Cormac Dillon | Horhay Ruiz | Merce Canadell | Jennifer Kavanagh | Leah Canning | Kate McDaid | Alice Brady | Caroline Power | Sonia O’Dwyer | Barbara Cermak | Paola Invernizzi | Aoife Caffrey | Elaine Chapman | Vanessa Power | Georgina Diaz | Daisy Gaffney


Visual Artist

Elaine Chapman

Visual Artist

Alice Brady

  • Kilmainham Studios - K3-0-banner
  • Kilmainham Studios - Hallways & Exterior-2-banner
  • Kilmainham Studios - K6-3-Tb-banner
  • Kilmainham Studios - K4-2-banner

Kilmainham Gallery & Studios

76-77 Old Kilmainham, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

The nine studios of MART Kilmainham Gallery & Studios can be found in the calm surrounds of residential area old Kilmainham, a neighbourhood with a long history that is now on the doorstep of the Irish contemporary arts scene. The space is only a few minutes from walk from IMMA, and ten minutes from NCAD, with Kilmainham Gaol and St James’ Gate also located nearby. 


Bus routes 13, 40. Five minutes walk from James’ Luas stop, or ten minutes walk to Heuston Station. Twenty five minute walk from Dame street.


Our Studio Members

Bridget Ryan | Julia Doherty | tovivito | Ruairi Heading | Andy Gaffney | Scott Leeson | Aoife Byrne | Joanna Hopkins | Paul Rosser | Michael Mangan | Jenny Keogh


Product Developer

Julia Doherty

Filmmaker / Actor

Scott Leeson

Visual Artist

Kathy Herbert




Aoife Byrne

Visual Artist

Joanna Hopkins

Visual Artist / Filmmaker

Jenny Keogh

Jenny Keogh is a visual artist and independent filmmaker. Alongside her personal film work based in documentary and Irish language and culture, she also produces short promo-films for Creative, Artisan and
Small Independent Businesses.

  • Malpas Street Studios M5-4
  • IMG_4730-banner
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  • IMG_4739-banner
  • malpas-st-studios
  • MALPAS_M1-960x345
  • Malpas Street Studios M5-BANNER-4
  • Malpas Street Studios M5-BANNER-3

Malpas Street Gallery & Studios


2/3 Argus House, Malpas Street, Blackpitts, Dublin 8

The six studios in MART’s Malpas Street Gallery & Studios are based in a historic block on the edge of the Liberties, located close to NCAD, as well as a range of cafes (The Fumbally, Two Pups, Cathedral Cafe), bars (John Fallon’s, The Headline, Whelan’s, Against the Grain), and restaurants (Sova Vegan Butcher, Boojum, Konkan). This cosy former office space is now home to a range of artists and creative professionals working across a number of disciplines.

The Building

Situated on the upper floor of an office block, this building has windows on two sides for lots of light and great views of the Liberties skyline. A large shared kitchen and social space gives studio members the opportunity to get to know their neighbours.


The Malpas Street studio is situated on bus routes 49, 54a, or five minutes walk to 27, 56a, 77a, 150 and 151. Fifteen minutes walk from St Stephen’s Green Luas Stop.


 Our Studio Members

Gum Collective | Patrick Cullivan | Daire Irwin | Sean Clarke | Owen Costello | Cara Sturgess| Cara Holmes | Clowns Without Borders | Aoife Raleigh | Michael Bruce | Elma Fenton | Milo Denison | Phaedra Vlahos


Visual Artists

The Gum Collective

Visual Artist

Phaedra Vlahos

Street and Circus Artists

Clowns Without Borders Ireland

Film Director & Cinematographer

Sean Clarke

Film Director & Cinematographer

Owen Costello

Film Editor & Director

Cara Holmes

Performing Artist

Angelica Santander


Milo Denison

Milo is the owner of D Studios Photography. D Studios offers professional portrait photography for families, headshots, couples, and more. The studio also offers video production services for business promotions and events.

Visual Artist

Michael Bruce Weston

Studied Architecture in Lima, Peru and and worked both as an architect and an artist since college years. I have worked with/in different media but mainly with low cost/recycled materials, in different sizes/formats.

  • Fire Station Studio A-1-BAnner
  • Studio-P8-1-e1478686017449-960x400
  • Studio-O-960x400
  • Parker-Hill-Studio-P7-11-960x400
  • House-Studio-P-2-960x400
  • Fire-Station-Studio-G-61-960x400
  • cRUMLIN c8
  • Coach-House-Studio1

About Our Studios

Rathmines | Harold’s Cross | Kilmainham | Crumlin | Blackpitts

MART Studios: Providing a space to support the production and exhibition of visual art.

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Through MART Studios we pride ourselves on sustaining a community of studios that offer affordable, cooperative and professional environments for the development of all things cultural! We do this by working with local landlords and authorities to inhabit spaces that facilitate artists’ studios and workspaces for creatives. We cater to emerging and established practitioners with a range of studios and project spaces for all forms of creativity. We are the largest supplier of independent space for the arts, cultural and creative community in Ireland, now supporting 170 members in eight studio buildings across Dublin.  

Our members and studios have a strong impact on the local and national Creative Economy. Our studios have great transport links and neighbour some of Dublin’s best bars, cafés, restaurants & vintage shops.  At MART we redevelop buildings, work with local communities, attract and create jobs and improve localities through our main values:


  • Cultural Advocacy: We advocate for the arts and visual culture, promoting inspiration, education and freedom of expression. We develop creative platforms to support and challenge artists. We dedicate all of our activities to supporting creativity.
  • Community Building: We regenerate vacant and derelict buildings, allowing them to serve their locality. We create communities of artists allowing for opportunities of collaboration and support.
  • Sustainability: We operate as a self-supporting organisation and provide a safe studio environment allowing artists to concentrate on their work and sustain their practice in a dedicated space, free from worry.


All income generated by the organisation is invested back into our not-for-profit activities: creating platforms for artists through studios and exhibitions, building refurbishment, providing employment and encouraging the growth of artistic communities.


Key Statistics:

  • 50% Artists & 50% Creatives
  • 40% of our members work internationally
  • 60% of our members collaborate together
  • Main disciplines include: Visual Art, Illustration, Photography, Painting, Design, Creative Industries
  • 70% of our MART Studio Members believe having a studio has increased their growth and practice
  • Members use studios for: Creative Community | Collaboration | Professionalism | Raise Profile | Creative Working Environment | Push Boundaries | Peer Support | Less Isolation | Opportunity to Grow


Our Story:

MART was set up by artists for artists. It began in 2007 by Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin as a way to create exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. MART seeks to create opportunities by providing creative platforms to support creatives from all stages of their careers to test new ground. As a curatorial partnership Ciara & Matthew have curated over 200 artists through 50 exhibitions across Ireland, UK, Europe, USA & Japan. In 2013 MART opened two art galleries in a converted old fire station in Rathmines, Dublin 6, and as of 2018 has become the largest provider of studios in Ireland.   


Public Opinion:

  • 70% believe MART has had large Dublin 6 & 8 cultural, social, economic growth in the past 5 years
  • 70% believe action should be taken to keep MART and similar organisations sustainable and open
  • 82% believe Studio Spaces like MART are vital in Dublin City
  • 80% believe MART’s Artistic Platforms rate 8/10


Solo & Shared:

MART is proud to provide a wide range of creative studios varying in sizes. We have small and large workshop spaces, contemporary studios and several large Georgian rooms with exposed brickwork and high ceilings. We cater to individuals, small groups and assist in pairing if you’re looking for a comrade to share with.



  • No Bills.
  • Curator Visits.
  • Fire and burglar alarm, monitored 24hrs a day.
  • Superfast Broadband.
  • Parking where possible.
  • Monthly Members Group Critiques.
  • Regular Open Studio evenings.
  • Safe & Comfortable Space.
  • All Artists Featured on Website.
  • Free use of gallery space for personal use (documentation of work, photoshoots, rehearsals, etc) – max. four hours at a time up to twice a month (working hours only, subject to availability).
  • On The Radar For Exhibitions.
  • Access To Tools & Equipment.
  • Heart of Vibrant Creative Community.
  • Studio access from 7am to 11pm daily.
  • You can check out our Health & Safety Guidelines here.


As a Mart Member you’d have access to all of our COMMUNITY EVENTS. For example in 2017 that included BBQs, SMART TALKS (our series of industry talks with the VAI and Arts Council among others), Studio Crits and Opens Studio evenings

 To enquire about MART Studios, please email