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Project 1

Duration: May – June 2015

Artists: Jason Dunne |Sarah Wilson |Jennifer Kidd | Paul Hallahan

Curator: Jonathan Carroll

Too Soon, Too Late features the work of four artists, the first occupants of MART’s Project Space.

The artists were given the space, a large whitewashed room lit by a central skylight, to use as temporary studios and were offered the opportunity to collaborate on an exhibition or event after an‘incubation’ period of two months.

Too Soon, Too Late functions as an invitation to the public to glimpse some of the work the artists developed over this period and gives an insight into how a particular environment and situation can influence ones work.

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Project 2

Duration: July – August 2015

Artists: Lisa Freeman |Sharon Murphy| Bryan Duffy |Brian Gregory |Samuel Bachy | Riin Kaljurand |Derrick Smith | Neil Dunne

Curator: Francis Fay

‘Saw Dust’ featured the work of eight artists. Employing a range of media, these artists used Project Space MART as a platform to engage with the life of Rathmines, past and present. The exhibition invited its audience on to journey through the physical space and all the imagined spaces it suggests, filled by histories and possible futures.

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  • Caroline
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Project 3

Duration: September – November 2015

Artists: Stephanie Deady | Varvara Shavrova | Paddy Joe Rickard

Curator: Peter Prendergast


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Project Space

To Make An Application an for more information check out :

In this progressive platform for new work, groups of artists will work together in a collaborative environment to realise a project, exhibition or series of events. The Project Space will provide artists with an intensive, live, supportive space in which to generate ideas, realise and exhibit new work. We are committed to supporting artistic development and experimentation through this opportunity, which is available to artist’s at all levels of their careers.


This is an exciting opportunity that combines studio/residency/exhibition in order to cultivate experimentation. Platform format: Groups of artist’s share a project space, to develop and present work, supported by an established curator. The platform is open to existing groups, or individual artists who will be grouped with other artists to produce dialogue between their practices. Collaborative ethos: Beyond the basic format, the nature and structure of the project is defined by the group of artists, their current interests and needs. Collaboration is both suggested and encouraged, as a part of the ethos of the space. What collaboration might mean for each group, and their specific dynamic will be negotiated amongst the artists, and the curator. Supported by MART and invited curators, and situated in the heart of Rathmines, this is a flexible and vibrant space.

The Team of Curators

Each project will be assigned one of the following visiting curators:

  •  Paul McAree (Flood)
  •  Michelle Browne (Performance Collective)
  •  Jonathan Carroll (Art Lot)
  • Francis Fay (Livestock)
  • Peter Prendergast (Monster Truck)

MART Project space primary facilitator will be curator and academic Katherine Nolan.

MART Curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan will also be available for consultation.

Who is involved?

  • Individual artist or an existing group of artists
  • We are primarily looking for contemporary artists, working in a wide range of disciplines
  • We encourage and are open to interdisciplinary approaches
  • We welcome applications from established and emerging artists, and recent graduates
  • And artists looking to generate drive for a project or challenge their existing practice

What is offered:

  • Collaborative environment • Curatorial support from established curator
  • Large flexible use studio space and exhibition space 16m x 6.5m
  • Natural light from large skylight
  • Centrally located in Rathmines – easy access to amenities and good footfall.
  • Full installed screen and projector
  • Access to shared tools, audio & visual equipment.
  • Super Fast broadband
  • 20% discount on inhouse printing service from Round Colour Printing.
  • On-going promotion of the project via MART Website and social media
  • Marketing assistance for show/project launch
  • To be on the radar for upcoming local and international exhibitions, with MART and associated curators

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