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A Negative Infinity | Richard Forrest

Solo Exhibition by Richard Forrest

Runs 26th September to 21st November 2019 | Tues-Sat 1-6pm

Opening Reception: Thursday 26th September at 6pm – The MART Gallery Rathmines

Artist: Richard Forrest

Curator: Matthew Nevin

A Negative Infinity is a new body of work by Richard Forrest that  has emerged from Forrest’s research into our economic system and his attempt to understand it as a whole.  This work aims to reimagine capitalism as a living sculptural entity with the intent of revealing some of its key behaviours. This project looks at how the circulation of capital within a system creates areas of accumulation, points of extraction, unequal distribution and moments of crises due to expansion and contraction. 

The title A Negative Infinity refers to the work of the economic geographer David Harvey {Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason} who describes how the flow of capital and the internal contradictions of capitalism (such as infinite growth), have allowed it to be resilient and flexible yet they also contain the seeds of systemic catastrophe. This project seeks to contribute to a critical conversation at a time when our interlinked economic, social and ecological systems are in a dysfunctional state of flux. 

About the Artist

Richard Forrest is a contemporary visual artist working in sculpture and digital media, currently based in the Hague, the Netherlands. In 2011 he graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design and in 2019 completed a Masters in ArtScience in The Hague. Richard has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and the USA in both solo and group shows. Most recent achievements include a residency in Eindhoven, exhibiting in Los Angeles and being selected for the 2017 Royal Hibernian Academies FUTURES exhibition. He has also received numerous commissions from institutions such as Facebook, for their Dublin based European Headquarters, and the Glucksman Gallery (Cork) and currently he is on the board of directors for The Visual Artists Ireland.


This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, and Stroom Den Haag.

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During the summer of 2019 the MART Directors and team launched CIACLA – The Contemporary Irish Arts Centre Los Angeles pilot program; which included 27 Events to over 4000 Visitors, featured in 28 Press Outlets to over 5 million people. We collaborated with 110 artists and participants living in the USA and 50 living in Ireland, partnering with 11 Supporting organisations and 16 local program partners.

The groundwork for CIACLA – The Contemporary Irish Arts Centre Los Angeles was established in 2011 when Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan of MART Gallery & Studios began to curate exhibitions annually in Los Angeles, promoting leading Irish Contemporary Artists.

In 2019, following eight years of exhibitions and events through local partnerships in Los Angeles, the pair launched a pilot venue for CIACLA, which promoted contemporary Irish culture through a multidisciplinary summer program at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.

This exciting program which showcased a need for a dedicated Irish arts venue in LA and was made possible with thanks to our new members and supporters, The MART Gallery & Studios, Culture Ireland, the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme and Santa Monica City.

As we fundraise towards a permanent center, CIACLA will continue to facilitate and promote cultural events & exhibitions in collaboration with local and international cultural partnerships. This future programming is dependent on the support of our members, patrons and sponsorship, while continuing to develop our relationships with councils in the US and Ireland. The success of the summer 2019 program is evidence of the need for a venue to promote Irish Culture on the west coast of the US.

CIACLA promotes Contemporary Irish Culture and supports local diverse communities through a multidisciplinary programme in collaboration with local and international cultural partnerships. CIACLA is focused on developing a creative platform to support and challenge artists as a means of promoting creative innovation and collaborative initiatives in Los Angeles. CIACLA is a non-profit 501(c)(3).


View CIACLA’s Summer Catalogue


Through a program focused on public engagement, CIACLA showcases multidisciplinary contemporary art projects that engage with local communities and interrupt the vision of what ‘Ireland’ is.

CIACLA operates as a creative network for Irish and local partners to showcase their activities; through a programme that aims to support work that is new, experimental and unrestricted. CIACLA facilitates collaborative events with local artists and cultural partners while also showcasing artists, curators and institutions based in Ireland.


  • A registered non-profit 501(c)(3) charity where all funds raised are placed back into the program, operations and ethos of the organisation.
  • Promotes established and emerging Contemporary Irish Visual Artists, living in Ireland and USA.
  • Provides a unique settings to present cutting-edge feature length and short Film from innovative Irish filmmakers.
  • Showcases leading Performance artists working in live art who create and present an ephemeral art experience..
  • Acts as a platform for contemporary Irish Music acts to perform and be showcased to the local music industry.
  • Provides networking, promotion and space for innovative and exciting Contemporary Irish Dance & Theatre to engage with new audiences.
  • Promotes emerging & established contemporary Irish Literature & Design.


Develop creative platforms to support artists, as a means of promoting a modern Irish culture, a space for Irish artists to make work and exhibit internationally. CIACLA allows the Californian and Los Angeles communities to engage with local Irish diaspora, visiting artists and creatives, to generate new dialogues and enable an ongoing process of communication through creativity.

Facilitate collaborative methods of showcasing Irish Contemporary Culture, through public engagement and supports, while providing opportunities for contemporary artists through an exciting exhibition programme.

Engage in the production of new work by providing resources, problem-solving, exchange and cooperation to resource art, and by contributing to the development of an Irish artistic community in Los Angeles.

Advocate for Irish Culture and the artist, through engagement with civic bodies, political representatives, public funding bodies, local and national businesses, national and international cultural bodies and institutions.

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Just Words: Gaelic Woodland Project Fundraiser

Poetry, Storytelling and Spoken Word Fundraising event

Friday, 13 September 2019 | 7-9pm

The MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

Book your Tickets Here

Poets: Philip Lynch, Niamh Hannaford, Bernard O’Rourke, Rachel Quinlan, Lisamarie Johnson,  David Grant, Adriana Ribeiro and Jasmina Susic

An evening that brings a chance to connect with people and to raise funds to help Gaelic Woodland Project in their mission of replanting native Irish woodland. We will have poetry, stories, short films, stalls provided by Gaelic Woodland Project, speeches, free wine, tarot card readings, music and a raffle with great prizes!

You will have an opportunity to hear some of most loved Irish myths and honour ancient bardic traditions of Ireland.

The theme for the night is Irish mythology, music and culture.

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/just-words-gaelic-woodland-project-fundraiser-tickets-68115091071

DONATE: https://www.gofundme.com/gaelic-woodland-project?fbclid=IwAR0kCWzkQMsFAyKsnAcILfb0HUGL-zgMUpykrZthLDqNOMNpbK4_Zhos0pc

More about Gaelic Woodland Project: https://gaelicwoodlandproject.wordpress.com/

More about JUST WORDS – poetry and spoken word – : https://www.facebook.com/JustWordsPoetryAndSpokenWord/

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Livestock - FOMO

Livestock: FOMO

Guest Curated by Katherine Nolan

Taking place as part of our HX Village Open Studios

Thursday, 29 August 2019 5-7pm

18a Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 12

Performances by: Órla Wittke | Karmel Daly | River Champion | Nathalie Slachmuylders | Karolina Adamczak

Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.  “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”.

RSVP here.

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slow motion | Jane Fogarty

Exhibition opening 7 March 2019
Exhibition continues 8 March – 25 April 2019
MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6.

Video interview: Jane Fogarty discusses the processes behind her work

Image gallery

Curated by Deirdre Morrissey.

slow motion is a presentation of new works by Jane Fogarty. The works are an exploration of time, form, colour and composition.

What you see is what you get.

Within her work, Fogarty establishes limitations from which self-dictated narratives emerge. Through these boundaries, elements of chance and endurance enter into the work. Each work is specific to the moment of its creation and, even if repeated, results differ each time. These works stem from an interest in the ways we understand the passing of time and its translation into visual language. Analogous to time, a painting can be interpreted as an accumulation of moments.

The paintings evolve without a preconceived notion of their endpoint with compositions that fold inwards. Their colour palette is predetermined, taken from a colour swatch derived from photographs of the sculptures. The paintings are made using egg tempera. With this method, the paints are made from scratch on a daily basis. Then the colour is slowly built up, layer upon layer. Much like the individual twists of wet paper pulp, patiently adhered to one another in the sculptures.

The sculptures are created using a mixture of paper, crepe paper and wallpaper paste. Paper is a ubiquitous, often throw away material, while also maintaining its affiliation as a traditional artistic material. Through manipulation, this usually flat surface acquires a three-dimensional form. Soaked paper is pulverised, drained, squeezed through a mesh and layered up individually. The lumps retain the twisted action of their making, there is a human presence in their final state.

The work is slow and contemplative in its creation due to the nature of the processes involved. The process is cyclical. The paintings inform the sculptural works and the sculptural works inform the paintings. Everything is connected. This work was made with generous support from MART gallery team, Fire Station artists studios, the Fine Art department at the Dublin Institute of Technology and all the team at D-Light studios.

MART’s 2019 Gallery Programme is supported by the Arts Council.

About the Artist

Jane Fogarty is an artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Her work has featured in both national and international exhibitions, including a two person exhibition, Mystery Ewer, at Artbox (2016) and three solo exhibitions; Paperwork, a site-specific installation in Harold’s Cross (2016), Mel at Eight Gallery (2014), and |’painti NG | at the Talbot Gallery (2011) as a result of receiving the Most Promising Graduate Award in 2010. Selected group exhibitions include: A ̄ ̄A A ̄ ̄A A ̄ ̄A at 126 Galway (2015); Spirit of the Stairs at Basic Space (2014); Unearth at Roscommon Arts Centre (2013); Nailing Jelly to the Wall at Catalyst Arts (2012) and ELIA’s NEU/NOW Live in Nantes, France (2010). Her work was recently added to the State Art Collection (OPW). Fogarty has also received several awards from the Arts Council, the RDS and South Dublin County Council.

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Onwards - Studio Members' Exhibition 2019


MART Studio Members’ Exhibition 2019

Opens 16th May at 6pm

Runs to 27th June | 1pm -6pm Tuesday – Saturday

MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6


Alex de Roeck | Annie Gahan  | Billy Dante | Ciaran Meister | Colette O’Connell | Derek Fitzpatrick | Derval Tubridy | Elaine Chapman | Elise Missall | Fintan Wall | Ruby Staunton | Gavan Duffy | Guida Ribé Rovira | James Moore  | Jane Frew | Joanna Hopkins | Julian King | Katarzyna Gajewska | Kate Hynes | Laura Skehan | Mariana Madoleva | Michael Bruce Weston | Michelene Huggard | Natasha Conway | Niamh Hannaford | Oriel Lett | Peadar Jolliffe-Byrne | Roisin Cunningham | SC Walsh | Scott O’Sullivan | Shane Berkery | Sinead Holly Woodnutt | Spencer Glover

RSVP: Facebook event

MART Gallery is delighted to present the 2019 studio members’ exhibition ‘Onwards’.

This exhibition showcases the work of 30 of our current studio members who are based across MART Studios including the Fire Station studios, Parker Hill Studios, Harold’s Cross Village Studios, Kilmainham and Crumlin Studios.

The choice to become an artist is based on a compelling desire to create. The development of an artist’s practice involves hard work, an unfaltering vision and a determined belief in one’s self. There is no clear career trajectory to follow or guaranteed path to success for an artist. It can seem like an onward struggle sometimes, but it is a labour of love.

We know that having a dedicated workspace is vital for enabling artists to create art. A studio also provides a place to showcase work to curators and buyers, and acts as a social space to meet other artists. Having a studio can also often professionalise an artist’s practice as it can signify a means of further developing their artistic careers.

A key part of MART’s mission is to support our entire community of members. Providing an opportunity to exhibit work publicly allows artists to raise individual profiles, widen their access to audiences and sell their work. The title of this exhibition – ‘Onwards’ – represents the artist’s journey; of progressing forward, looking towards the next project, the next challenge, the next step. This exhibition aims to champion the collective creative output of our members wherever their journey may take them.

To coincide with the opening of Onwards, we will also be hosting an Open Studio in our Fire Station studios above our gallery on Thursday 16 May. Our lovely members will be opening their doors to their spaces to allow visitors to see what goes on in our creative spaces.

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Galvanise | James L Hayes

Solo Exhibition by James L Hayes

Curated by Siobhán Mooney

Runs 18 July – 5 September 2019

Gallery Open Tuesday – Saturday 1-6 pm

Opening Reception: Thursday 18th July at 6pm

Artist Talk: Wednesday 24 July at 6.30pm

The MART Gallery, Rathmines, Dublin 6

Galvanise is a new body of work by artist James L Hayes, the work presented in both Galleries at MART aims to re-establish and re-introduce the concerns of modernist sculptural language.

Hayes explores aspects of the casting process as a means to interrogate the boundaries between artist and artisan, the ‘ready-made’ and the ‘art object’, whilst also referencing industrial art production and commodification. His sculptures, installations and film works aim to draw out the often incongruous relationships between finished art objects and the industrial aspects of the processes that produce these ‘revered’ objects. 

Explorative sculptural works aim to consider new modes of making and bring up questions regarding materiality within the sculpture making tradition and convention. The use of the galvanization process is a pivotal concern in some of these new works. Ideas relating to key classical myths and narratives within the art historical canon spring up in various guises throughout Galvanise. References to important creative influences, such as Welsh artist Barry Flanagan and US based art historian and critic Rosalind Krauss are central to the exhibition.

On Wednesday 24 July at 6.30pm in MART, Lower Rathmines Road, James will be in conversation with the poet, artist and writer Sean Borodale. They will discuss Galvanise, James’s most recent body of work as well as their experience working together in the late 1990s. Hayes will also outline the ongoing concerns and aims of his research and multi-faceted art practice.

Artist Bio

James L Hayes is a Contemporary Visual Artist based in Cork, he is a graduate of The Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD), The University of Vigo, Spain, De Montfort University Leicester and University College London, UK.  In 2019 he completed projects with Franconia Sculpture Park & the University of Minnesota in Minnesota, USA and the La Salle College of Creative Arts in Singapore. Hayes is the Principal Lecturer in Sculpture at the Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork and the founder and project director of the International Sculpture symposium, The IRON-R Project (2012/2014 & 2018).

In 2015 he was part of IMMA residency program and recent solo shows were held at the UNO Gallery in New Orleans, USA (2017) The Good Children Gallery in New Orleans, USA (2013). Other recent sculptural works have featured at the Art Market Budapest, MART (2017/18), Redline Contemporary, Denver, Colorado, The West Cork Arts Centre, Art Invite & Reject, MART-New York, Chicago & LA, Drogheda Arts Centre, The MART Instructional European Tour, London, Berlin, Norway, Bratislava, & Dublin, The Worcester Contemporary Open-2010, EV+A 2008 ‘too early for vacation..’ Limerick (curated by Hou Hanru), The USUK International Sculpture Symposia, New York, Global Warming at the ICEBOX’-Philadelphia (curated by Adelina Vlas Curator of Modern & Contemporary Collections-The Philadelphia Museum of Art), The Blankspace Gallery, San Francisco, The Burris Hill Galley, New Mexico.

Hayes has completed a number of significant commissioned public artworks most recently for The Office of Public Works (OPW), The Arts Council of Northern Ireland,], Galway County Council,, Cork County Council,  Cork City Council , Mayo County Council & Limerick City.


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MART are delighted to present Lectus, a visual arts exhibition featuring Èanna Heavey, Emma McKeagney and Sarah Diviney and curated by Deirdre Morrissey opening 10th January at 6pm in The MART Gallery Rathmines.

Preview: 10th January @ 6pm
Location: The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6
Runs to: 10th Jan – 14th February
Open: Open Tues – Sat: 1pm – 6pm

Facebook Event: Link to Facebook Event Opening

The MART Gallery are delighted to announce the winners of our annual MART Exhibition Award: Èanna Heavey and Sarah Diviney from the 2018 CIT Crawford College of Art & Design Fine Art Graduate exhibition and Emma McKeagney from Fire Station Artists’ Studios 2018 Sculpture Bursary Award. The aim of this award is to provide a showcase and supported exhibition opportunity to emerging artists whose work is both engaging and experimental.

The artwork presented is a selection of sculptural forms, video work and live performance. Emma McKeagney’s beautiful sculptural objects are presented alongside new video work that further explores the materiality of natural and designed forms. Sarah Diviney’s moving performative work reflects Ireland’s state institutional treatment of women, many of whose fate was sealed due to the woeful lack of sexual education in Irish society as referenced in Èanna Heavey’s powerful and unsettling video piece ‘I’m sorry I was not here..’.

The exhibition is kindly supported by CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork and Fire Station Artists’ Studios (FSAS), Dublin, the Arts Council Ireland, The MART Gallery & Studios, and Dublin City Council.

About the Artists

Emma McKeagney is a Visual Artist based in Dublin. After graduating in 2017 from Dun Laoghaire IADT she completed a year-long residency at Talbot Studios after winning their Most Promising Graduate Award 2017. During this residency she fabricated work supported by the Sculpture Bursary Award at Fire Station Artists’ Studios.

McKeagney’s practice involves working closely with material processes to create bodies of work which incorporate the idea that a process is made up of not only the artist but the material they use and the impending idea of exhibiting. Reading and discussing various topics related to New Materialism, her interest starts with collapsing any hierarchy which puts humans ahead of all other materiality.

McKeagney had her first solo-show in June entitled Unstable Categories as part of Pallas Projects and Studios’ Artist Initiated Programme. Work selected from her solo-show is presented in this exhibition and developed further through new video works is a second phase of the project.

This work aims to blur the lines between the designed and natural worlds and question the emphasis we have on dividing these categories. What is human, is a malleable category which bends and stretches depending on the objects and minerals we are oriented between.


Èanna Heavey graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design with a BA in Fine Art in June 2018. “I’m Sorry I was Not Here…” explores the distorted development of self through false education, institutional structures and the ideologies of Western culture.

Interwoven into this narrative is the idea of sexuality as a core element of the human experience. The work touches on the issue of insufficient sex education within Ireland. There are some uncomfortable undertones; suggesting at what has been unsaid, unseen or unheard.The unravelling of self is an important element of the work. There is a sense of fragility; a fragile strength longing for the return to innocence, searching for freedom.

Sarah Diviney graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design with a BA(hons) in Fine Art. The work in this exhibition ‘I, X’ comprises of an installation consisting of a performance piece and a video work. It investigates the authority of the Church and State within the private realm, documenting the intimacy of the domestic sphere and the position of Irish women in society.

The work explored the dangerous axis of the female body as object, amplifying this through the chosen mediums of performance and video, with the performance space acting as a developing installation. Simultaneously, the work occupies the body as a moving sculpture due to the spectator relationship  between the audience and the work. The perturbed body licenses the unsettles tempo of the performance which transitions from meditative stillness to frantic action, disturbing the perceived tranquillity within the space and in turn, abruptly presenting the dystopia.

The work is an accumulation of influences by Sarah’s extensive research into the history of Irish women which generated the need for a confrontation medium to be used. The performance projects the concept into the present echoing the histories of Irish women.


*Lectus – Latin word meaning selected, chosen, choice, good, exquisite


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SMART Talks is a new series of professional development presentations and workshops, providing a platform for artists and the creative community to engage with a curated selection of creative agencies, councils, artistic supports, professional creative practices, and funding providers. There will also be a space for wider discussions of issues such as arts & mental health, wellbeing, diversity and accessibility in the arts.

By providing these talks in The MART Gallery, Dublin – alongside our gallery programme and studio network – we hope to foster an environment where creativity can flourish as a professional career, where new practices can establish themselves, and where artists and creatives have the space to engage critically with contemporary issues.

To stay informed of future talks, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Upcoming  SMART Talks

Please note that the 2020 SMART Talk programme will resume when it is safe for MART Gallery to reopen to the public.


Previous SMART Talks


Friday 3 May & Saturday 4 May – ‘How to survive as an artist and maker in Ireland today.’ – Led by 4D Space.

Thursday 9 May – ‘Women in Film and TV’ – Led by Vanessa Gildea.

Wednesday 6 February 2019 – Caroline Ryan, Education and Outreach Officer at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland will discuss available supports for designers, artists and craftspeople.

Thursday 7 February 2019 – Claire Meaney, Acting Arts Director of Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT), and Emma Eager, Project Co-ordinator of artsandhealth.ie, the national website for arts and health, will talk about arts and health practice in Ireland.


Thursday 3rd May 2018   – Information session with Local Enterprise Office.

Tuesday 10th July 2018 – Visual Artists Ireland Help Desk.

Thursday 2nd August 2018 – Arts Council Funding with Aoife Tunney of the Arts Council of Ireland.

Wednesday 29th August 2018- Presentation from Jenny Walton of Culture Ireland

Saturday 15th Sept 2018 – ‘Ad Infinitum’ – Led by Róisín Power Hackett & Ruth Kerr 

10th Nov 2018 – ‘Cultural Engagement in the Age of Trump’ – led by Dan O’Neill and Fiona Kenny


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Ode to Urbanity - Taproot Art Auction II

Proceeds towards Inner City Helping Homeless

When: Saturday April 27,  6-9pm

Where: MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road

Sponsors: Richmond Marketing, 8th Corner Coffee


Following the success of the first Taproot Art benefit auction for homelessness in January 2018, Ode to Urbanity is the second of it’s type, this time dedicated solely to urban in art in Ireland. 50% of the proceeds raised will go towards Inner City Helping Homeless* and the other 50% to the artists themselves.

Curated by Taproot Art Founder Sophie Murphy, and partnering with art collective SUBSET, creators of The Grey Area Project, the exhibition will feature a number of Irish street artists – including Aches, Decoy as well as a large scale piece accompanied by VR interactive installation by SUBSET themselves. Over several days SUBSET painted a 150 x 40 ft warehouse to create an immersive artistic experience. Using multiple techniques demonstrating an array of styles, symbols and subtle abstract gestural elements, SUBSET encourages the viewer to engage with the piece via virtual reality. The warehouse has been a place of practice and experimentation, and the final piece is a representation of their time spent there between 2017 and 2019. This piece displays the explosive potentiality of finding new functions for redundant spaces. There will also include a range of visual artists, including Neil Dunne and Greg Purcell, whose work generally derives from urban landscapes.

In addition to the visual element there will be a focus on Irish hip-hop by artist TBA. This will be accompanied by hip-hop Dj’s of Dublin Digital Radio (DDR), who will be supplying additional music throughout the evening, followed by a the live auction MCed by Sophie Murphy.

*Taproot will also be accepting donations of white socks for men and chocolate on the night, these items are widely desired by rough sleepers, and needed for ICHH homeless outreach distribution.

Curators Note:

“The theme of this show is not groundbreaking, however what it does is aim to celebrate the groundbreaking advancements in urban art in Ireland over the course of the past decade – primarily in the regions of street art and hip-hop. Dublin has an ‘urban grit’ and Ireland has ‘depressive’ qualities traditionally associated with it, only in recent years resembling a manicured city you will find in the rest of the western world. This ‘urban grit’ is being retained however through the unapologetic lyrics of Irish hip hop artists as well as the un-apologeticness and ‘deviance’ of street artists alike, transforming it into something of artistic wonderment.  It is also being retained, of course, through the ongoing homelessness crisis, an issue which persistently and increasingly pervades the nation producing wonderment indeed, on how it is still as desperate as ever. Art originating from Ireland and Irish people is primarily known for its transformative power: long used by Irish as a vehicle to turn a series of unfortunate and dire circumstances into something eternal & positive – this is precisely what we want to achieve with this show.”

  • Livestock November 2017 - Amber Baruch Photography (137)
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Livestock: Intimate Gazing

Rae Goodwin | Sophie Mars | Francis Fay | Conor Coady | Eleanor Lawler | Valerie Driscoll

Friday, 1 March | 7-9pm

MART Gallery, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6

As our contemporary social interactions become more fractured and impersonal, we strive to connect with one another through the intuitive language of our bodies. Raw and real, we reach for understanding and commonality through bodily action and live performance. Livestock “Intimate Gazing” is a sensitive look at our bodies and the relationships we have to each other.

These performances contain nudity. Livestock: Intimate Gazing is strictly over 18s. Tickets are €5 and must be purchased through Eventbrite.

Performances by:

Rae Goodwin & Sophie Mars

Perhaps needed now more than ever, we (Rae and Sophie) are concerned with questions of empathy and of acceptance and respect for female/femme/female identified bodies. What is it to be curious about another body/ to regard the body of another? In this collaborative project we set out to question: Can a woman regard the vulva of another woman with neutrality? Can a female or femme person regard another without the critical judgment born of the “male gaze”? Can we, as female/femme persons, remark on the qualities of another female/femme/female identified body with embodied consideration and kindness? This performance is made possible through the generosity of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Kentucky.

In 2015 Rae Goodwin and Sophie Mars met at Essential Departures, a performance art residency at Rosekill, an outdoor performance art venue in upstate NY. After Rae’s performance, regarding bodies, they decided to collaborate to create a new work, regarding vaginas. Now titled intimate gazing, This project has been performed with different structures at Rosekill Performance Art space in NY, Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn, the ClitArt Festival in England, in association with APAB-month of performance art Berlin and in Paris and Madrid. Rae and Sophie continue touring this series to galleries, museums, women’s centre’s, social centre’s, queer events and festivals.

Sophie Mars is a performance artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. She is interested in participatory, sensory and immersive work exploring collective and spontaneous energy and idiosyncratic ritual as new means of viewing and transforming space both physically and ontologically. Always interrogating the role of the body in today’s (digital) context, her themes include intimacy, sexuality, virtual reality and healing. She combines her two fields – dance therapy and performance – in an effort to bring about a transformation. She is currently working on a sexuality podcast, touring the body positive “Intimate Gazing” project with co-founder Rae Goodwin and collaborating with the virtual reality collective KEIKEN.

Rae Goodwin is concerned with maternal ancestry as it influences the construction of identity, assumptions of strength and notions of agency. Individual Grandmothers in our society, after a whole life they are seen thru the lens of their role or perceptions of their archetype and vastly undervalued. When she asks people about their own grandmothers many confess they do not know her first name, how she grew up, nor her favourite music. Many people do not wonder about her until after she has passed. The absence in presence and presence in absence of this grandmother figure in the social lives of families, leads her to think about relationships, relationality and vulnerability in the work. Goodwin lives and works in Kentucky, USA . Her work has shown work at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, McColl Center for Visual Art, Dimanche Rouge in Paris, 10/12 Gallery in Brussels, defibrillator gallery, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Grace Exhibition Space, SUPERNOVA, BIPAF and MPAB festivals and other venues. Goodwin also serves as Associate Professor and Director of Art Foundations at the University of Kentucky.

Francis Fay & Conor Coady

Today, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and dating sites like Grinder and Gaydar, facilitate a heightened degree and volume of engagement, with online personae often substituting these erstwhile embodied realities. Frequently updating profiles, quantifying ‘Likes’ and changing photographs have however been reported to feed a narcissistic obsessiveness distancing users from that which they most yearn – intimacy, connectedness, transcendence – in a vain attempt for distraction from loneliness and alienation.

The saturation of pornography throughout our society has likewise been attributed to the same impulse. Sexualisation and violence serve as the soundtrack of contemporary culture, noise interfering with the moment, with being present, with being intimate. But what if instead of having our heads buried in a mobile phone or glued to a screen, we were to find ourselves in an environment in which real bodies exist and virtual identities are absented?

This durational performance, an intermittent soundscape culled from found Internet porn videos plays in the near dark, could just as easily be bells, car horns or the noise of a crowd at a football match. A spotlight shines from above on two men, standing naked, face-to-face.

Eleanor Lawler

The “Invisible Woman” is me, a sixty year old “former”. I formed the life of myself as a young woman, I formed a lasting relationship, I formed my children, I formed the life we had together as a family, I formed in former times, what happens now? I have become invisible, no longer “pertinent, perceptive, perky, precocious, precious, permanent”. In a society that values surface, image and the lie, where does maturity, experience, persistence, gravitas and confidence fit? My work endeavours to express my obstinate persistence to live and to be heard in a world where vying for attention becomes a valued skill. Of course, I too am vying for attention, “don’t turn off the lights, I’m still here”, “I’m not finished yet”, “not by a long chalk!”.

MART’s 2019 Gallery programme is kindly supported by the Arts Council.

Livestock Intimate Gazing 2019

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Artist Workshop with David Lunney

On Saturday 2 February, MART will host a public workshop with artist David Lunney. This workshop is free and open to all, and takes place in our gallery space at the Old Fire Station, Rathmines from 2 to 4pm.

At this workshop artist David Lunney will give an intro to his string wrapping techniques which he applies to his sculptures and picture frames. Each participant will create a unique colourful woven panel.

David Lunney’s solo exhibition Things Twice (Multiple Times) ran in MART Gallery from September to November, 2018. The exhibition was a showcase of Lunney’s artistic practice, which involves the undertaking of protracted art processes. Typically, these processes start with the construction of site-specific sculptural works in Dublin Mountains. These sculptures are generally created less for their inherent value but rather to provide photographic source material for documentary artworks.

David Lunney is based in Dublin and currently a member of Talbot Studios, he has a BA in Fine Art from NCAD. Recent exhibitions include Chrome Dreams at Pallas Projects, April 2018, Re-Inforce MART LA November 2017, Landscape Contortion at Droichead Art Centre, August 2017, Glitch at Rua Red May 2017, Things Made for Drawing at Eight Gallery, 2016, Glencree Intervention at The LAB, 2015. David Lunney has been the recipient of awards such as; the Sculpture in Context Award 2014, Arts Council of Ireland Project Award (for Adorned Documents, collaborative project with artist Jane Fogarty) Falun Grafisk (Printmaking) Residency Award John Kelly RHA Black Church Print Studio Graduate Award. He will undertake a month long residency in Tynset, Norway in October 2018.

MART’s 2019 Gallery Programme is kindly supported by the Arts Council

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2019 Dublin Exhibition Programme

2019 will be a busy year of exhibitions at The MART Gallery Dublin with exhibitions featuring Richard Forrest, James L Hayes, Jane Fogarty, plus awardees Emma McKeagney (Fire Station Artists’ Studios Sculpture Award) and Eanna Heavey & Sarah Diviney (MART CIT Crawford Graduate Award) and an exhibition featuring work from MART Studio members.

In addition to our exhibitions we will also host a fresh series of SMART Talks throughout the year, with presentations from artists, creatives, and funding & support bodies.

This exhibition programme is made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council.


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