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The Stranger

The Stranger

Interactive Audio Experience.

Millsaps College, Mississippi

November 2010 

Participants were asked to download an audio file here and load it onto their MP3 players or cell phones. They then arrived at the location and started the audio experience, where an an audio file welcomed participants and instructed them to complete strange and wonderful actions.

The First Installment took place on November 19th @ 7pm in Galloway Halls of Residence in Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi.

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The Galloway Project

The Galloway Project

Millsaps College, Mississippi

November 2010 

The Galloway Project was a joint exhibition featuring Sculpture & Digital Arts Students of Millsaps College, Jackson Mississippi and MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan.

The project was produced by visiting Arts Professor of Millsaps/MART Artist Colleen Keough and assisted by Victor Shonk. Ciara & Matthew worked as Guest Artists and Curators along side Colleen to guide the students with their pieces.

The exhibition included exciting new performance and Installation work by the students as seen in the photographs below and also The Stranger, an interactive audio experience by Ciara Scanlan & Matthew Nevin. Please visit The Stranger page HERE.

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An Instructional

An Instructional – Tour

Norway, United Kingdom, Slovak Republic, Germany, Ireland and USA

June – November 2010

“Manufactured objects raised to the dignity of works of art through the choice of the artist.”  Breton

“An Instructional’ was MART’s first large travelling show  devised around the  ‘Readymade’ approach to art making. We invited artists to submit proposals of work that work uses materials, object’s and concepts influenced by the readymade and re-constructible. Curated by  Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan, ‘The Instructional’ aim’s to re-invent the exhibition format with a unique interplay between artist,  curator and artwork, challenging each role.

Mart has collated a dynamic collection of Video, Installation, Sound & Performance Visual Art work from contemporary Irish, British, European & North American Artists for ‘The Instructional’ Tour.

MART now has developed an extensive network of connections with contemporary visual art spaces globally and is bringing this inventive travelling show of Artists, all of whom have achieved individual success, to galleries across Europe and North America.

Galleries: Entree (Bergen, Norway), Shunt (London, England), Space (Bratislava, Slovak Republic), Stattbad (Berlin, Germany), Molesworth Gallery (Dublin, Ireland), The Lewis Art Gallery (Jackson, Mississippi, USA).

Artists:  Barry Hughes, Darragh O’Callaghan, David Buckley, Emanuel Ross, Malina Cailan, Mischa Twitchin, Nicky Larkin, Peta Adderley, Ruth Le Gear, Vukasin Nedeljkovic, Aine Phillips, Ane Sagatun, Alison Slack, Cian McConn, Eve Vaughan, Joan Healy, Lousice Ward, Katherine Nolan, Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar De Carmen, Rose Mburu, Adam Gibney, Chris Johnsen, Oyvind Neass, Ciara Scanlan, Clodagh Lavelle, Colleen Keough, Debbie Jenkinson, Eleanor Lawler, Emma Wade, Ivan Twohig, James L. Hayes, Jim Ricks, Matthew Nevin, Noel Molloy, Sabina Mac Mahon, Sofie Losher and Stephen Woods.

This Tour was kindly supported by Culture Ireland.

For the US leg of the tour, MART is sponsored in part by an Associated Colleges of the South (ACS) Grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Initiative for Fine Arts Collaborations at Millsaps College.




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Open Door Policy

‘Open door policy’
13- 26 July 2009
MART Returned to the Galway Arts Festival with a selection of New Media Artists. The exhibition featured installation, performance and video art, as well as an outdoor video screening at the Galway City Museum.
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5 – 9 May & 24 – 27 June  2009

MART showcased at underground gallery SHUNT, showing Installation, Video and Performance pieces. This was the first international exhibition curated by MART.

Artists: Adam Gibney, Natalie Zervou, Joan Healy Matthew Nevin, Ciara Scanlan , Ivan Twohig, Katherine Nolan and Lisa Marie Johnson.


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28 February 2009
MART and Bodytonic Music collaborated in Twisted pepper,Dublin to create an audio visual feast!


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MART artists featured alongside a collection of Irish Visual Art Groups in a joint Exhibition.
Artists: Clare Shanahan, Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin


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