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Unison: December Showcase

Featuring: Nicola Anthony, Sonia Behan, Aoife Byrne, Elaine Chapman, Roisin Cunningham, Natasha Conway, Billy Dante, Cormac Dillon, Fran Fitzgerald, Katarzyna Gajewska, Spencer Glover, Niamh Hannaford, Kathy Herbert, Joanna Hopkins, Lisa Keegan, Sinead Kelly, David Lunney, Jason Minsky, Michael Mangan, Ciaran Meister, Colette O’Connell, Caroline O’Toole, Claire Prouvost, Guida Ribé Rovira, Craig Starkie, Ruby Staunton, Derval Tubridy, Sarah Walsh, Michael Bruce Weston, Sarah Wilson, Phaedra Vlahos

Opening: Friday 6 December at 5pm

Runs: December 7-8 | December 11-15 | December  18-22 | 12-7pm

MART Gallery

190a Rathmines Road Lwr, Rathmines, Dublin 6

In conjunction with our annual Christmas Market, MART is delighted to present the first iteration of a new annual December showcase exhibition – featuring work from 30 members of our artist studio community. 

This show – titled ‘Unison’ – represents a chance for our members to display and sell both original pieces of visual art and specially selected prints. Alongside our Christmas market selling handmade crafts and bespoke gifts, ‘Unison’ offers visitors a chance to discover unique artworks, all while supporting local independent artists. 

A key part of MART’s mission is to support our entire community of members. Providing an opportunity to exhibit work publicly allows artists to raise individual profiles, widen their access to audiences and sell their work. For Unison, members from our network of studio buildings in Rathmines, Harold’s Cross, Crumlin and Kilmainham have the chance to unite and share a snapshot of their various artistic practices.

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Helen Mac Mahon

Visit : helenmacmahon.com

View: Artist CV | Artist Portfolio | Artist Reviews

Helen Mac Mahon is an Irish artist currently based in Dublin and exhibited in Ireland, Europe, the US and Asia. Her work takes the form of installations, sculpture and photography that explore light and perception.

“My practice is concerned primarily with the phenomena of light, movement, perception and space. The work strives to observe and reveal the ecosystem that exists between the viewer and these intangible elements that exist in a perpetual state of transformation. Changes occurring in each facet has a perceptible impact on others, revealing previously overlooked properties and characteristics.

My investigation of these elements is experimental in nature, and this exploratory process is as important as the finished piece, the unpredictability of the techniques often being key to discovery.  I use commonplace materials, such as light, glass, and lenses that have the potential to act in surprising ways, distorting and obscuring the very things it is their function to reveal. Each component acts as a catalyst, bringing to light unseen potential in the simplest of materials. Maintaining the integrity of the materials is also important, so the viewer is allowed to experience the everyday objects  in  new and often unexpected ways.”

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