Trouvées Métrage / Found Footage


Preview: Thursday 20 June 2017 @ 6pm

Location: The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Rd, Lwr, Dublin 6.

Runs to: 18 August 2017

Open: Tues-Sat: 1-6pm 

Video Interview: Deirdre Morrissey in Conversation with Yann Beauvais and Pierre Jolivet 


MART are proud to present Trouvées Métrage – an exhibition of experimental French digital media artwork in July 2017. Curated by Deirdre Morrissey and supported by directors Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan, the exhibition opens at the MART Gallery, Dublin on Thurs 20th July and runs until 18th August 2017.

For our 2017 programme MART embarks on an ambitious new program curating artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation. Trouvees Métrage brings together four artists working in digital media whose practice tests and stretches the material and immaterial and challenge conventions of ‘the norm’. The artwork to be presented has been selected or ‘found’ through the Espace Multimedia Ganter collection of digital media artworks.

Artists selected are Yann Beauvais, Nicolas Montgermont, Antoine Schmitt and Pierre Jolivet.

Renowned experimental filmmaker Yann Beauvais presents three short films: p.a.c.i.f.i.c.a.ç.ã.o reaja ou será morto, which highlights police brutality in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; alongside experimental works ‘entre-deux-mondes’ (2010)  and ‘Hezraelah’ (2006).

Nicolas Montgermont is an artist who works with sound waves through the vibration of materials and their propagation, Radioscape, 2016  was created from radio recordings made in a small farm in Besseuil, a rural area in the East of France. The nearly complete radio spectrum has been recorded methodically during weeks and assembled into one sound installation.

Antoine Schmitt creates artworks in the form of objects, installations and situations to address the processes of movement. Ballets Quantiques (Quantum Ballets) is an infinite generative visual artwork, where a choreography of a crowd of pixels display apparently arbitrary and independent movements, but are actually programmed by the same quantum-type equation

Pierre Jolivet is a visual artist whose work explores the limits of sound and space through multimedia performances. Pierre will also present a dynamic live multimedia interactive performance on the opening night.


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Cultural Dialogues 

In a fluid model, visiting International artists interact with Irish-based artists during the residency. During this time artists are encouraged to develop their ideas through peer exchange and collaboration. This is an exciting opportunity for both long and short term residencies that provides artists with time space and support to think, take-risks and develop their practice. MART is offers this unique professional development opportunity to support the production of Contemporary Art though cultural exchange and dialogue.

The Residency Space

Newly converted stables situated in the heart of Rathmines, and alongside the iconic MART Firestation Gallery and Studios. Residents will be able to benefit from the central location and MART’s established reputation in the Dublin art scene, and internationally. The workspace is 6×6 meters, with large double barn doors, and access to kitchen area.  In this residency three contemporary artists will work alongside each other in an environment of dialogue and support.

Residents 2016

Liing Heany (IRL) Andy Morris (IRL) Roisin McNamee (IRL)

Josh Gibbs (UK) Edwina Bracken (UK) Lauren Pray (US)

William Cravis (US) Maria Pinto (PT) John Moran (US)

Auður Lóa Guðnadóttir (ISL) Luis Hilario Tovar Bonilla (MEX)

Residents 2015

David Yu (CAN)  Eilidh Wilson (UK) Francesco Snote (ITA)