MART’s 2017 Programme


MART presents ‘Destroy These Walls’.

A year long series of exhibitions curated by Ciara Scanlan, Matthew Nevin and Deirdre Morrissey,

in The MART Gallery, Dublin, RUA RED, Dublin and Arena 1 Gallery, Los Angeles

with support from Arts Council Ireland and Culture Ireland.

Dates Exhibition Title Artists Description
12th Jan – 24th Feb SCHOOL DAYS Tomoko Sawada Solo Exhibition of leading Japanese Artist, featuring the video work ‘MASKS’ and photography series School Days & OMIAI♡.
2nd – 31st March The Mistress of the Mantle Katherine Nolan Solo Exhibition of Video & Performance Artist.
6th April – 4th May Transmission

Sofie Loscher

Helen MacMahon

Exhibition with a focus on light and perception.
11th May – 8th June A Rhythm Exposed (Routines 5-6) Steven Maybury Exhibition on the mechanics behind sculpture and conceptual drawing.
15th June – 13th July Dragons of Eden

Aoibeann Greenan

Terence Erraught

Exhibition showcasing live performance art and installation
20th July – 18th August Trouv​ées Métrage

Yann Beauvais,

Nicolas Montgermont,

Antoine Schmitt,

Pierre Jolivet.

Exhibition of French Digital Artists supported by The Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Ireland
24th Aug – 22nd Sept Freedom of Movement Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani Exhibition of German Artists supported by Goethe-Institut Irland
28th Sept – 27th October The Fire Station Artist’s Studios Residency Award Exhibition Doireann Ní Ghrioghair Exhibition in connection with The Fire Station Artist’s Studios Residency Award 2016.
2nd Nov – 1st Dec Can You Hear Me Now?


Enid Conway,

Elena Sawczenko,

Thomas Spencer,

Chloe Tetrault.

Exhibition of Recent Graduates of Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork.
RUA RED  /Glitch Festival 2017

David Beattie


Cliona Harmey

Robin Prince

David Lunney

Richard Forrest

Cathy Coughlan

Cécile Babiole

/Glitch Festival is Ireland’s leading Digital Arts Festival that brings together artists utilising media and technology.

 June 2017



Gantner Multimedia Space

Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes

Echo Chamber

Jeanne Briand 

Adam Gibney

Fabien Leaustic

Helen MacMahon

Rasa Smite

Paula Vītola

Curated by Matthew Nevin, ‘Echo Chamber’ aims to create an accessible dialogue between the digital arts and its interpretation of politics, culture and society, as part of Creative Europe’s EUCIDA project led by RUA RED in partnership Gantner Multimedia Space France and Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes Latvia. Three simultaneous exhibitions will feature six contemporary visual artists two from each of the host countries.

Arena 1 Gallery

Los Angeles

8th July – 5th August

Activating Pangea: Destroy These Walls

James L Hayes

Katherine Nolan

Margaret O’Brien

Steven Maybury

Terence Erraught

MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan have curated a selection of artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation.
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Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council & Culture Ireland.

‘Destroy these Walls’ 2017:

“One reason for making and exhibiting a work is to induce a reaction or change in the viewer…. In this sense, the work as such is nonexistent except when it functions as a medium of change between the artist and viewer.” Adrian Piper

“Experimental art today is increasingly concerned with the complex relationships involved in seeing, defining, framing and responding to pressing events.” – Jill Bennett, Institute Director of UNSW National Institute for Experimental Arts

Curatorial Vision:

For 2017 MART embarks on an ambitious new program curating selected artists to work under the parameters of risk and political agitation. By encouraging participating artists to explore and reinvent material, technologies and methodologies, the curators shall work alongside the artists to produce work that can provoke the limitations of the gallery environment, producing powerful, informative and experimental new work.

We will encourage our artists to be reactionary and politically engaged in their approach to their practice and tease out new radical ways of viewing and perceiving their art works. “There is something real in the illusion, more real than in the reality behind it” – Slavoj Žižek. This illusion acts as the power of the artist to present a world through an altered focus, to show the viewer aspects of the world that are warped and exposed. The artist – often working as the mirror for society – creates new dialogues that challenge conventional views on politics and culture, pushing for examination on our preconceived expectations of what contemporary art is and what relevance it has for the society we live in.




Adam Gibney


View: Artist CV | Artist Portfolio | Artist Reviews

Artist Statement

I engage with sound, sculpture and electronics in my practice as a means to dissect and manipulate language. The work grapples with parts of knowledge generated by Modern Physics that are hard to imagine or convey in words as certain theories or principles are non-intuitive. I am interested in how our symbolic descriptions of reality, even the axiomatic, have proven to be only temporary and tentative.

The solid formal structures that held truth now exist precariously within the newfound multitudes of reality.  The rigorous quest for certainty seems to only expand the terrain of uncertainty. Man has created an abstract language in Mathematics to convey underlying governing principles of our reality, and in so doing a platonic world is created. This world can often become difficult or impossible to convey in everyday language; it is in these places that our imagination and perception are tested.

To delve into the ambiguous nature of the language we use to describe these inherently uncertain fields, I create generative code and installation. Through the programming of interactive code, which embodies scientific principles and quandaries, I aim to overcome the difficulties of uncovering fundamental truths about the world through the abstract manipulations of words and concepts. Using a minimalist approach to installation design, I try to manoeuvre the use of technology for aesthetic and physical application.


Adam Gibney is a Dublin based artist who graduated from IADT in 2010. He was the recipient of the IMOCA Graduate Award, the Aileen MacKeogh Award and the Siamsa Tíre Emerging Artist Award. His solo exhibitions include Limbo-Excavated (2011), RE:definition (2012) ,  Exercises of an Audionaut (2014) and Euclid, I miss you…(2016). Other notable exhibitions include Futures (Royal Hibernian Academy, 2014), The Reverberatory (Queen Street Studios, 2013) and Around a Volta (Chateau de Servieres, 2011). His work has been exhibited across Europe and America. In 2014, Adam collaborated with actress Caitríona Ní Mhurchú on Eating Seals and Seagulls Eggs, which was shown at the Dublin Fringe Festival (Project Arts Centre) and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (The Pleasance). From 2014 to 2016, he also worked as a part-time Assistant Lecturer in Fine Art New Media in the School of Creative Arts at DIT Grangegorman. In July 2016, Adam represented Ireland in the V Moscow Biennale for Young Art – Deep Inside. Most recently, Adam exhibited alongside Brian Duggan in The Voyage in CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles.


 Echo Chamber – EUCIDA 2017  Ireland, France, Latvia  June 2017
 Solo Exhibition  Gachang Art Studio, Daegu, South Korea  September 2017
 Jealous Wall   Luan Art Gallery, Athlone, Ireland  September 2017


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