Portobello Den

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This unique two story Den is located right in the heart of the city on Portobello Harbour. We are open to suggestions on the use of the space from studios to retail to storage. Drop barbara@mart.ie  a line to arrange a viewing.

  • Solo Studio (can be used as shared studio)
  • Spread over two floors.
  • City centre location.

MART Portobello located at DML House, Portobello Harbour, Dublin 8 is our newest building in the heart of Dublin city. Four unique studio spaces are housed within the old EverReady factory overlooking Portobello Harbour harbour.

MART is tailored towards promoting Ireland’s brightest emerging and established Visual Artists! While also having studios for Photographers, Designers, Filmmakers, Creatives, Architects, Cultural Producers, and Graphic & Fashion Designers!

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Joe Ryan

My work and research interests revolve around Art, institutions and Social control, which could involve complex labyrinth structures and intertwining systems all interdependent on each other, I am also interested in architecture and the built environment where buildings invoke their own form of control and power, such as Jeremy Bentham’s theories of panopticons and Erving Coffman’s “total Institutions”.
As a multi disciplinary artist I work in a variety of mediums such as etching, film, painting projections, installation where the medium can be interchangeable and hybrid or where the concept of power dictates the medium in that which medium would be more aesthetic or visual.

Multi-disciplinary artist. Work methodologies include constructing and deconstructing mediums and splicing forms together often into large installations which ingulf and dominate a space. Lives and works between London and Dublin. Graduated with a distinction in M.A. Fine Art, printmaking from University of East London. Exhibited and held in collections and archives in U.K., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, France, Dubai. Has had several solo shows in Ireland and the U.K. and exhibits regularly in Europe, U.S. and Canada. In 2014 selected for international juried print exhibitions in Spain, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Indonesia. Currently undertaking doctoral research in Fine Art at University of East London. Commissions include producing artworks for theatre, conferances, festivals, educational institutions, hospitals, and community spaces.