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MART Award Exhibition

Sharon Ramsey | Ella Bertilsson | Carrie Anne Channon

Curated by Dr. Katherine Nolan

Opening: 16 January @ 6pm

Runs to 20 February 2020

Open Tue – Sat: 1-6pm

Video interview with the artists 

In a feverish stillness, the intimate recesses of the domestic space become sites for history’s most intricate invasions. (Homi Bhaba,The World and the Home,1992)

‘HOME made HOME’ is an exhibition featuring works by Sharon Ramsey, Carrie Anne Channon and Ella Bertilsson. By Staging and disrupting ‘home’ as both a feeling and place through a series of encounters in the gallery space, this exhibition asks the viewer to navigate powerful evocations of our relationships to material, belonging and place. 

The works in this exhibition reference home turf, paths well trodden, no-man’s land, and the domestic home. , interior and exterior are confused and the psychological and social aspects of location and spaces are foregrounded. The artworks address intersecting yet dissonant concerns around generation, memory, belonging and alienation. Through disparate approaches, each of the artists interrogate a persistent yet elusive idealisation of home as a permanent, inhabitable place and state. 

Home is both a concrete place and a psychological space of physical comfort and emotional belonging. In the context of forced migration and the contestation of national borders, as well as the threat of climate crisis, home is a heightened concept. Brought together as a set of works, and framed by the concepts of home and making, the artworks speak to broader current preoccupations with threats to the homeland and the planet, through an exploration of the local. ‘HOME made HOME’ questions how the sensory, material and symbolic registers of the spaces we inhabit every day perform understandings of home. 

The artists in this exhibition – Sharon Ramsey, Carrie Anne Channon and Ella Bertilsson – are recipients of the MART Exhibition Award: selected from the Fingal Graduate Award, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design Fine Art graduates, and Fire Station Artists’ Studios day residents. The aim of the award is to provide a showcase and supported exhibition opportunity to emerging artists whose work is both engaging and experimental.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Fingal County Council, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork and Fire Station Artists’ Studios (FSAS), Dublin, the Arts Council Ireland, The MART Gallery & Studios, and Dublin City Council.

About the Artists

SHARON RAMSEY is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in the field of sculpture and installation. Her practice has included working in video, audio, textiles, photography and text, and has often resulted in site and location responsive works. She uses a variety of materials from bitumen to feathers and glass to wood, collects found objects for installation and regularly uses discarded domestic items and construction materials as her mediums of choice. Her work invites questions regarding human activity, presence and the social effects of economic and political policy. She has recently completed an MFA in the National College of Art & Design having previously achieved a BA in the School of Creative Arts, TU Dublin. She is currently the recipient of the Fingal Graduate Award in Partnership with MART, 2019.

Ella Bertilsson (b.1982, Umeå, Sweden) is currently a studio member at Rua Red (2019-2020). Recent Peripheries OPEN at Gorey School of Art (2019), THE ART FACTORY, Phase 1 at the Complex (2019) and OPW Ireland State Collection (2019). Bertilsson received FSAS Digital Bursary Award (2019) and undertook a Peer Residency at the RHA (2018-2019). Recent exhibitions: ‘Beyond the Sandy Suburbs’, Pallas Projects/Studios (2018), ‘Carrier of Memories’, Dráiocht Inagural Commision (2018), ‘11.9 km Northwest of the City Centre’, Hobusepea Gallery, Estonia (2018) and ‘The Waiting Room’, Artbox, (2017). Selected residencies: Psssquared, Belfast, (2019), Nordic Artist’s Centre (NKD), Norway (2018), Dráiocht Incubate Residency (2017), Process Residency, Artbox (2017) and SIM; The Association of Icelandic Artists, Iceland (2016, 2011). Bertilsson received Culture Ireland Funding (2018) and Nordic Point Mobility Funding (2016). She is a current member of artist collective Child Naming Ceremony; their inaugural event HOST was performed at TBG+S (2019), they were part of ARRANGEMENTS conceived and produced by James Merrigan at Pallas Projects/Studios (2019).

Originally from Newbridge, Kildare, artist and printmaker Carrie-Anne Channon graduated from The Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork Institute of Technology , Cork, Ireland. Studying a BA in Fine Art and Design, Carrie-Anne was primarily based within the printmaking workshop where she excelled within screen printing. Currently based in Limerick Printmakers, Limerick City Carrie-Anne is further exploring her study into the ‘Millennial Condition” a concept which she visually interprets through large formatted printmaking.

The work employs the use of expanded print installation by completely taking over blank space with large screen prints. The installation of the prints and its use of pattern and colour is used to echo a visual energy within the space and submerge the viewer into the art itself. The work is characterised by use of bright colour with strong ironic humoured text.  Carrie-Anne’s work is a response to the online reactions of millennials towards current social issues as well as the absurdist humour placed around them. Using repetitive pattern and bright colours, she brings light to social issues by creating relatable content. During exhibitions Carrie-Anne remains within the space listening to the audiences’ response and reaction to her work, which is imperative to further fuelling her concept research and aiding the creation of new prints and on-going works.

Following her exhibition at Mart galleries Carrie-Anne hopes to further her studies in Visual Communications alongside fine art. Her work will be exhibited in New York, USA late 2020 and at the Vila Benzi, Italy as part of the WorldWide Print Projects.

HOME made Home

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Echo Chamber | EUCIDA 2017 EXHIBITION

Echo Chamber – EUCIDA 2017 Exhibition  

Featuring: Jeanne Briand, Adam Gibney, Fabien Leaustic, Helen Mac Mahon, Rasa SmitePaula Vitola.

Curated by Matthew Nevin of MART, Assistant Curator, Deirdre Morrissey.

Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes | Latvia: 9th June – 31st August 2017

RUA RED | Ireland: 16th June – 5th August 2017 

Gantner Multimedia Space | France: 24th June – 22nd July 2017


European Connections in Digital Arts / EUCIDA is a 3 year project funded by Creative Europe led by RUA RED Ireland in partnership Gantner Multimedia Space, France and Lūznava Manor Rēzeknes, Latvia. The Project aspires to work collaboratively while demonstrating innovation and high standards contributing to making the Digital Arts sector highly visible internationally.

“an echo chamber is a metaphorical description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission and repetition inside an “enclosed” system, where different or competing views are censored, disallowed, or otherwise underrepresented.”[link]

As a curatorial platform for creation of new work, Echo Chamber has encouraged the dialogue of art and technology as a means of sharing experience and creative practice. Exhibiting simultaneously across Ireland, Latvia and France it showcases six contemporary visual artists, two from each of the host countries, whose practice is rooted in various aspects of digital technology.

Its primary aim to create an accessible conversation and debate between the digital arts, technology, politics, culture and society in an accessible way to a European wide public. The three parallel exhibitions, which mirror each other, will analyse how culture, politics and socio-economical issues are bounced around, applauded, and never truly open within one’s own Echo Chamber; i.e colleagues, friends, families etc.

The exhibitions provide a platform for the artists to push conversation beyond the normal realms of an art audience or local groups, to a further international and trans European audience. By encouraging participating artists to explore and reinvent material, technologies and methodologies, Matthew Nevin, the curator, has worked alongside the artists to re/produce work that can provoke the limitations of the ‘Echo Chamber of the normal gallery environment, into producing powerful, informative and experimental new work to a wider audience.  

These artists, often working as the mirror for society, will create new dialogues that challenge conventional views on politics and culture; pushing for examination of our preconceived expectations of what is contemporary art and its relevance to the society we live in. The curator has encouraged the artists to be reactionary and politically engaged in their approach to their practice and tease out new radical ways of viewing and perceiving their art works through technology.

Helen Mac Mahon, who creates artwork through experimentation and investigation into the phenomena of light, movement, perception and space, has produced ‘Mirror Affect’ an interactive piece playing with the mirrored image using a combination of everyday objects and live digital technology.

Jeanne Briand forges links with new technology and craftsmanship to create beautiful sculptural pieces that reference fantasy and trans-aesthetics. Briand’s ‘Gamete Glass’ propose a new form of life, and the origin of the sounds they emit serves to raise questions in the viewer’s mind about the artifice or real existence of the animated forms.  

Fabien Leaustic creates sculptural work which while physical has an ephemeral aesthetic. Leaustic’s work ‘Hello World’ activated by the presence of the visitor disturbs our interpretation of our world, evoking an emotional response juggling a naive optimism and a dark poetic duality that defines us.  

Rasa Smite is an artist, network researcher and cultural innovator, working with science and emerging media technologies. Smite’s artwork ‘Talk to Me’ is a human-plant communication interface, through which people were asked to send encouraging messages via text & social media to the growing plants, “equipped” with web-cam, wi-fi and loudspeakers.

Adam Gibney’s artwork is generally realised through sculpture, installation, sound and video. ‘Conundrum 8: I am somewhere between we and they’ questions the political and personal use of pronouns. Playing a key role in the construction of the ‘self’ and the ‘other’, pronouns help toward the creation and division of societies. 

Paula Vitola works through media art & archeology, researching relationships between human and technology. Her work encompasses experimenting with technology and nature, programming and gadget-hacking.

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