Fingal Arts Office Graduate Award Opportunity 2019


Fingal County Council Arts Office and MART are delighted to announce a Graduate Award to the support and professional development of recent graduates.

As part of an ongoing commitment to professional artists Fingal County Council’s Arts Office are offering a one-year Graduate Studio Award at MART with inclusion in the Award show in March 2020.

This residency will be offered to one graduate that meets the criteria outline below. The opportunity is part of a series of initiatives by Fingal Arts to promote and support the professional practice of emerging artists.  It will provide an ideal environment for the development of creative projects, development of a graduates practice and an opportunity to network with other artists.


Fingal County Council Graduate Award is based on an open submission for under and post graduate students graduating in 2019.  To apply for this award the graduate must live in, be originally from or have studied in Fingal and submit the following:

  1.  Personal Details.

Name of Applicant:

Contact Address:




  1. Supporting Information

Please provide a short biography of up to 700 words, this should include briefly your education.

  1. Current Practice

In more detail please tell us about the nature of your current practice, your ideas and how you are exploring and developing them through your work.  (no more than 1 page A4)

  1. Summary of Award Proposal

Please give a full description of how you propose to use the award opportunity at MART, describing how the opportunity will impact and effect your artistic practice and current research, what benefits do you anticipate the residency will bring to you professionally. (max 1 page A4)

  1. Supporting Visual Material

Please submit good quality visual examples of your work that demonstrate your arts practice to date.  All still and moving images should be clearly labelled with a brief description of the work.  Depending on the media used in your practice the following should be used as a guide:  Ten good quality still images, including detailed images or installation shots for installation work.

For further information please contact 01 890 6237 or email

The closing date for applications is 4pm Friday 26 Jul 2019

Please return all applications to:

Sarah O’Neill

Deputy Arts Officer

Fingal Arts Office

Fingal County Council

Main Street




Activating Pangea: The Voyage

‘Activating Pangea: The Voyage’

Nov 5th – Dec 4th 2016

CB1 Gallery Los Angeles 

Dublin based curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan of MART have embarked on a 3 year initiative to bring leading and emerging contemporary Irish art to Los Angeles through their series ‘Activating Pangea’.

This the second exhibition in the series titled ‘Activating Pangea: The Voyage’  showcases recent work by Irish Artists Brian Duggan and Adam Gibney. It reflects on geopolitics over time and space, as we transverse language and negotiate real and imagined places in a global context. The artworks crossing in the gallery are Adam Gibney’s ‘Euclid, I miss you…’ and Brian Duggan’s ‘A Cause for concern but not alarm’.

[vrview img=”” width=”550″ height=”300″]

Gibney’s work targets the quest for certainty. He states, “Man has created an abstract language in Mathematics to convey underlying governing principles of our reality, and in so doing a platonic world is created. This world can often become difficult or impossible to  convey  in  everyday  language;  it  is  in  these  places  that  our  imagination  and perception are tested.” In this exhibition the points of which Gibney’s work targets reality, linguistics and technologies intermingle with the symbolic annotations of the everyday.

Duggan’s work is informed by the way in which we live now. Duggan’s work questions the aspirations and assumptions that are interlinked within the scientific and social framework of energy consumption and legacy planning. The systems in place are always evolving, attempting to catch up to an elusive plateau that is inherently unstable. Through the work presented here Duggan “plunges the viewer into a realm where seemingly casual navigation of space bespeaks chilling (hi)stories”

‘The Voyage’ allows the visitor to refocus their own experiences and memories through the interpretation and assimilation of language and analyse their own exploitative journeys through space and time. Focusing on the quest for answers of our own existence and our place within an imagined world without borders, without physical and cultural barriers, the exhibition suggests new ways of being and thinking, while investigating the conditions of concerning events and symbolics of reality.

Download the Exhibition Handout Here for full details.