2020 Gallery Programme

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Please note that MART Gallery is currently closed to the public. We hope to reopen and continue our 2020 programme as soon as it is safe to do so.

For 2020, we’re delighted to bring another year of exhibitions tpo The MART Gallery Dublin. Between January and September we will be showcasing work from  Sharon Ramsey, Carrie Anne Chanon, Ella Bertilsson, Áine Phillips, Andrew Carson, Nevan Lehart, plus our annual MART Members’ Exhibition and a newly added Design Showcase.

We will also be joined by Adam Gibney, Francis Fay, Niamh Hannaford for a new series of artist workshops, and performance art platform Livestock will return to MART, with four Live Art events over the course of the year.

Across the year we will also host another series of SMART Talks, a weekly Life Drawing workshop, and recurring Open Studio days for a chance to see behind the scenes of the MART Studio Community.

MART’s 2020 programme is made possible with the generous support of the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.

Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for further updates throughout the year.


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Glitch Festival Dublin 2017

2 MAY – 10 JUNE

RUA RED Gallery, Tallaght

Curated by Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan of MART.
Assistant curator: Deirdre Morrissey

Feat. David Beattie, Livestock, Cliona Harmey, Robin Price, David Lunney, Richard Forrest, Cathy Coughlan and Cécile Babiole.


Glitch Festival is celebrating its 6th year and has grown into Ireland’s foremost digital arts festival. We work to bring the best of digital arts practices to the fore. Glitch Festival brings leading media and technology artists, curators and artist groups together with audiences to draw out connections between art, culture and technology with the aim of fostering greater critical understanding and debate around artist’s interaction, investigation and intersection with technologies.

More Information.

Glitch 2017 Poster

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