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Kindly Supported by The Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Management Office (EMRWMO)




The Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Management Office (EMRWMO), are responsible for the implementation of the region’s Waste Management Plan. This plan is underpinned by National and European waste legislation and our work will ensure the continued management of waste in a safe and sustainable manner. The EMWRO is managed by Dublin City Council, as the lead authority for the waste region. 

  • Providing education and advice to households and communities to empower them to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Working hand-in-hand with local authorities to achieve waste prevention and resource efficiency targets
  • Working with business to rethink their approach to waste management, by viewing our waste as valuable material resources
  • Partnering with a range of stakeholders including local authorities, government bodies, waste industry operators, environmental organisations, reuse organisations, research institutions and so on, to research and devise sustainable solutions for specific waste streams

Activities fall under the following categories

  • Regional Coordination
  • Waste Prevention
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Technical Expertise