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Butoh Festival

June 24, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - June 25, 2016 @ 10:00 pm

Own your Difference

24-25 June Performances at MART

26-29 June Masaki Iwana workshop, The LAB Foley St

Festival of Japanese Dance and Performance Art

For booking contact Ambra on 0864054529 / movingbodiesfestival@gmail.com


Masaki Iwana (JPN/FR) | Ambra Gatto Bergamasco (IRL) | Natasha Bouke (IRL) Rachel Sweeney and Antonio Roberts (IRL & UK) | Yuri Dini (IT) Eleanor Lawler (IRL) Susanne Warwa (DE) |Francesca Arri (IT) | Miriam Needham (IRL) | Sinead Keogh(IRL) Cillian Roche & Michael Higgins (IRL) | Kathleen Moroney (IRL)| Tobi Omoteso (IRL) Antje O’Toole (IRL/DE) | Luca Pierucci (US)

The festival is dedicated – an homage – to the sudden death of Simone Sandretti, President and founder of Mad Pride Torino and artist. Sandretti devoted his life and art to the concept of self-expression deeming that a fundamental state of being and the purest of all possibilities of existence. He encouraged all those that crossed his path to become a listening and seeing body un-compromised by normality, which he understood a veil in need of ripping. He created the Union of Mad, defending the right of citizenship for those that are categorised as MAD. Simone Sandretti’s art was in name of the principle of be you – own your difference. For this purpose, the festival’s theme ‘difference’ fits purpose.

For us, Ambra G. Bergamasco and Edegar Starke, curators of Moving Bodies Festival, “Difference” stems also from the work undertook throughout 2015 and 2016: gender, identity, racism, borders, conflict and collaboration.

Difference challenges the idea of self, proprioception and boundaries. Identity and “self” develop in function of the other, through acceptance – rejection – cooperation/conflict and existence. How do these find a vocabulary in dance performance and art? How do different forms of doing come together pollinating and rejecting each other?

We, Ambra G. Bergamasco and Edegar Starke understand difference not from a negation, but from an affirmation. Learn rather than deny, create a community rather than building walls. Ultimately, we suggest difference as a singular that becomes plurality of such.

Philosophically, Difference has been researched and questioned through approaches that look at paradigms of creation, genesis, real, experience, virtual, negation, affirmation. There is a contemporary urge to address Difference; from our individual everyday actions to wider understanding of what today’s reality is; in our own artistic practice and in the space of contamination and relation with others.

More info at www.movingbodiesfestival.com

 For booking contact Ambra on 0864054529 / movingbodiesfestival@gmail.com




June 24, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
June 25, 2016 @ 10:00 pm
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